Monday, January 11, 2010

the good, the bad and the just plain ugly

::  the good  ::

 new beginnings that bring with them fresh stationary. Like the first day of school with new supplies ;)

a new beginning

gifts that arrive in the mail after Christmas and make boring tasks like drying the dishes so much funkier

a gift

a stack of books and all the promise they hold ... should I get time to read them

possibilities ...

time to test out the equipment from Santa



time spent with good friends ...


... learning things

master and apprentice
... and eating things


::  the bad  ::

this heat. And that's all I'll say about that.

my computer finally dying and taking with it one year's worth of unbacked-up music and six months worth of unbacked-up photographs. Including Christmas photos. *sniff*

::   the ugly  ::

The 80's. Apart from the music that is. Were there no natural fibres at all?*

the best of the 80's?

Here's hoping you've had more good than bad (or ugly) so far this new year!

* my friend Antonia and I don't regularly go out looking like this ... except when we have a 80's inspired 40th birthday to go to. Or sometimes to go shopping ...


  1. Ha! I was at a 50th the other day and there was a women there wearing a black fish-net-looking top like that white one. And guess what? It wasn't a dress up party. Hmmmm....

    Agreeing on the heat. Sorry about the cpmputer crash. That happened to us too. You have reminded me to back up my pics. I love Tania'a tea towels and I am all for new stationary! :)

  2. can't speak....pissing myself laughing....which one are you? lol xxx

  3. So great to finally meet you Mel! I had a great time last night and I am really looking forward to seeing your hook creations x

  4. Wow wee - yeah the 80s - you girls rock!

  5. Oh I feel your pain about losing unbacked up files. Happened to me too! Great pics BTW

  6. I love the photos of your little man on his scooter! Cute. Oh, and those 80s outfits: nice!


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