Sunday, February 28, 2010

half full, or half empty?

So? Which one are you? Is the glass half full or half empty in your world?

wine time

Because you know it occurred to me on our last family holiday that I am a glass half empty kinda gal after always thinking I was an optimistic glass half full.

But you know what? I'm ok with that. I actually think there are advantages to being a glass half empty person. I mean it's obvious really isn't it: there's space in my glass! 

ski bunnies

So when the ski-mad Mr suggests that we cart ourselves, two small children and three tonnes of equipment half way around the world to chase the snow, I just sigh and point out all the difficult bits knowing all the while that I have space in my glass. If I put on my pessimist hat and prepare for the absolute WORST then I am bound to be pleasantly surprised right?

Well, I'm not sure but we are almost packed and we fly out tomorrow so I will keep you posted!

p.s Earlier in the week I had just cause to make that glass at the top completely EMPTY when I realised my wedding AND engagement rings were MISSING! Being a glass half-empty person I am certain they are gone forever  (imagine my excitement when they do actually turn up! Not that they will...).

p.p.s The awesome PottyMouthMama threw down the challenge earlier in the week to ask her ANYTHING! In one of my glass half empty panics I asked for tips on long haul travel with children. Friends, she did not disappoint. If you are at all contemplating such a journey, can I tell you you're mad and then highly recommend her extensive list of suggestions. Not that any of them will work of course (see that? Glass half empty!) but like I said, I'll keep you posted ...


  1. hehee, I get like that too!
    I think the worst so then I can be pleasantly surprised..well, most times I guess.
    off to read Ms Pottymouths list as a trip close by may be in the cards..or not, who knows...where is my glass again..

  2. Oh my, good luck with the travel! It will be great, I'm sure!

  3. I'm with you...but I don't think of it as being half empty.

    My husband says negative I say realistic ;) ESPECIALLY when it comes to travelling with children.

    Have a GREAT time Mel!!

  4. That photo is adorable! Look at that little snow suit and that helmet! Cute! Must be looking at something funny too.

    I do like the 'room in my glass approach'. I will have to keep that in mind when I start dwelling on things. :)

  5. Glass half empty all the way - it's just that I call it realism with space to be pleasantly surprised. Have an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING TIME, you brave mother, you!

  6. Have a fabulous trip. I hope you survive the flight and enjoy the snow :)

  7. My glass is FULL FULL FULL, my cups runneth over baby! I am an idealist. I am a dreamer. I am not afraid to show it!

    You ARE going to find your rings. I lost my engagement ring when I was heavily pregnant with Noah. I was mortified. Particularly as it wasn't a done deal and we weren't wed yet! I had my whole family down in the park searching in the grass. In the dark. With torches. We returned sans ring. And then it turned up in a hand towel. It came off when I was drying my hands. YEP WEIRD! Clearly I got the ring re-sized pronto.

    You are going to have an ace ace ace time.

    And when you get back, let's meet up? x

  8. Well you may be half-empty but you're also very funny! SO sorry to hear about the rings though... ouch. I hope the trip doesn't live up to your expectations :-)

  9. My glass of wine is always tipped over in chaos and so ends up all over the place.Have a great holiday! The half empty in me says good luck with

  10. Have a wonderful time Mel. And doesn't it also mean that there is still room for more drink!

    Be safe.

  11. beautiful blog! i'm always halfway there too and sometimes almost empty and it's nice to get filled up again.... at least half-way! :)


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