Thursday, February 4, 2010

my creative space :: the highs and lows

Well, you just never know where your creative space may be. Mine has been a bit topsy turvy this week.

One day I was comfy at home making stacks for a coin quilt (with a little help)

coin stacks

At the weekend I even managed a spare few hours to baste that quilt (three times mind you because I got it horribly wrong the first two!)

coins in progress

And then without much warning a runny nose for Luca quickly turned into difficulty breathing which led to an ambulance ride to hospital and an overnight stay.

The little man is still sick but is on the mend. And in the meantime I am sooo grateful I learned a more portable craft

Perfect for waiting rooms and paediatric wards!

I hope your creative space finds you healthy this week. For more creative spaces with hopefully slightly less mucous, head on over to Kirsty's place.


  1. The colours on your quilt are delish ... the red/black/aqua/white combo is gorgeous, and crochet is perfect for a quick grab on the way elsewhere, but so sorry to hear it was a hospital trip. That is so not nice and I hope your son is feeling better.

  2. Oh dear...poor little guy & poor mum too.

    The quilt & the crochet both look lovely though.

  3. Those quilts are BRILLIANT and the crochet DE VINE!!! I hope the elf is having a better time of it today!!

  4. Oh I really hope your little one is better soon, what a fright! Your quilt is looking great...& thank goodness for crochet - here, here!

  5. Oh no! It must have been awful. I hope he is better really soon. And yay for crochet, the portable craft. It sure has kept me sane in some pretty crazy circumstances.

  6. OH that sounds frightening, I hope he is completely well soon. Your quilt fabrics are fabulous and your crochet too.

  7. Hope Luca is on the mend!

    Glad to see you are still stuck on the hook x

  8. Ugh. I'm very, very glad Luca is on the mend. Um, how are you Mum? Thank goodness for hooking. I think portable craft therapy was invented for hospital stays and paediatric wards. xxxxx

  9. Gosh, unexpected drama, hope he's chirpier now. Hand stitching in hospital, i used to do it with new babies, love Posie

  10. Glad little Luca is on the mend!
    And that is a GORGEOUS quilt top (from what I can see:) can't wait to see more!

    And crochet is definitely my go-to travel craft... dr. office, car rides, relative visits, vacation etc

  11. So sorry to hear your boy is not well Mel. It is heartbreaking to have a sick child. I hope the worst is over.

    Those numbers are priceless.

  12. Hope your boy feels better soon. My mom used to knit like crazy when I was in the hospital. That's one reason why I want to learn - to occupy myself on bus rides.

  13. Hope your little one is feeling better. The quilt looks stunning I love the fabrics you have chosen, really beautiful.

  14. Oooh ooh ooh! Yay for coin quilt - BOO for hospital visits - YAY for hand-held craft... hope you're in ok spirits.

  15. See look at all those fun benefits in sharing ones craft space.
    I love the little sneak peak of the quilt!
    Hospital trips - eek - I hope the craft gave you some good distraction and everyone is feeling better

  16. Glad to hear your little one is on the mend - that's sounds really scary and out of the blue? I love the look of your quilt (not being a quilter though I'm totally ignorant about the pain involved in basting 3 times! sorry). But your crochet! It looks fabulous. Is that the beginning of an Attic 24 hexagon I see?? I'm trying that one out too and am currently trialing the fancy-pants method of joining them together ;) Yours looks perfect! I can't seem to get that second row looking as it should. Anyway, lovely space. K


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