Wednesday, February 10, 2010



For the past few weeks I have been making the most of longer daylight hours by popping on the joggers and pounding the pavement once the Mr gets home in the evening. All day I fight the voice in my head that says, "Not tonight. I'm too tired", and like a robot I just put on the gear and walk out the door figuring it's at least thirty minutes of "me" time.

And once I'm out there, head phones semi in place (why can't those little buggers just stay in?), well, I just feel free. I like walking but the bit where I break into - what should only loosely be described as - a jog is just liberating I guess. It's a moment when I feel so thankful to have the use of my legs, to be healthy, to live in a climate that allows me to do this outdoors, to feel pretty safe (I'm still always alert!), and to feel strong again after two (and a third) pregnancies.

And of course a few good tunes don't go astray in lifting my spirits. 

In case you're interested I have been following this program* suggested to me by a friend in New York who has done the NY Marathon TWICE! Not that that's a goal for me but still, she knows her stuff!

* I feel I should add something here about checking with your Doctor before you get all inspired and dash out for a run. But you know that right? 

p.s And yes, I am a complete loser taking photos of myself while jogging but it's a big deal for me to be doing ANY form of exercise people so just indulge me ;)

ETA: Just popped over to visit my 'ol mate Tania at Myrtle & Eunice to find a post about running! Great minds I tell you ;)


  1. I'm amazed you managed to take a pic WHILE jogging and WITHOUT falling on your nose! (whereas I took my trainers off and had a small rest before picking up my camera).

    You do realise I'm living a future running career through you, right?

  2. God I'm so lazy!! Cheers to you for getting out there!

  3. Yay Mel! I've just resumed a running (aka jogging or waddling, or perhaps woggling?!) after almost 4 years of zip! I was into it for about a year and half prior to kids. I'm definitely a morning runner, don't know how you drag yourself out in the evening but good on you!!
    I've signed up for the Melbourne Run for the Kids in 5 weeks. 14.6kms. Gulp...

  4. I love your running photo so much! I think that once you make something part of the routine it becomes so easy to fit in after the first few weeks when your whole body is telling you it can't be fagged and go back and sit down. yeah you!

  5. Knees....can you hear me groaning.....NOPE to many past injuries here to join you....I'll walk along behind and watch your bum go further and further a w a y in the distance....make sure you pop back to me when your done and we can go for a cup-pa without the dam CAKE!!

  6. I needed to read this right now Mel.
    Thankyou xxx


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