Monday, April 5, 2010

looooong weekend

Soooo many photos of the weekend that was it's hard to choose just one. So I haven't. Buckle up.

An Easter egg hunt that happened so early, it needed to be conducted by flashlight


Yummy hot cross buns slathered in jam with fingers then usually run through the hair for a bit of extra stickiness

easter breakfast

A long enough break in the annual Easter down pour for a picnic with my 86 year-old Nanna from Brisbane (her Dad helped build that there little bridge in the background).


Wishing I could heed the advice on this sign ...

useful signs

... but glad that somebody did (anything for a photograph)


Some quality time with Poppy ...


... and with Aunty


Time to build never ending tracks with Daddy


And even some time in there for sewing a cushion for my mother-in-law despite having lost my sewing room*.

MIL cushion

Just lots of time really.

What did you find time for?

* bedtimes were doing this Mummy's head in ... enough that I was willing to sacrifice my space - and that should speak volumes!


  1. Looks like the perfect weekend, glad you've all had fun and enjoyed your family!

  2. You know, I decided Easter is the holiday to have. Christmas offers ritual and family and overindulgence and stuff, but I never get the inlaws pressies right and really, how wrong can you be with a chocolate egg? Looks like a lovely loooong weekend Mrs.

  3. I am glad you didn't eit any out, I love all of them. Even a bunny on the pjs how could you go wrong. Looks like the weather was divine

  4. Looks so delightful Mel. Had to jump over to flikr to see the cushion, but it was worth it - beautiful. We didn't do an easter egg hunt, kind of wish we did now, I guess there is always next year. Plenty of eggs consumed though (just no energy burned off first in hunting, dang!)

    We built lots of train tracks too (does your boy destroy them within in minutes or is it just William and his 3-second attention span?!)

  5. Oh no, lost your sewing room.......some times a mamas got to do what a mamas got to do. I do feel for you though. Hope it has been worth it!

  6. Looks like the perfect long weekend. I ate so much chocolate I could burst!

  7. Sounds like a fund easter weekend! Mel - can't see the last image at the moment. Is that just me?

  8. Looks like a lovely weekend with lots of houseguests. That Thomas track looks as though it belongs at my place

  9. beautiful! i am so glad you didn't just choose one - that would have in no way been satisfactory!


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