Thursday, April 22, 2010

my creative space :: chick(s) with sticks or my conversion to "the dark side"

Around the time I got back into sewing (about this time last year as a matter of fact), my friend Antonia taught herself to knit. With a wee bit of help from my Mum (who is one of those freaky fast knitters whose hands are a blur), she was well on her way. Add to that the help of a few you tube videos and a healthy addiction to yarn-inspired blogs and she was soon teaching my Mum a thing or two.

She then, was my go to person when I decided my fear of the sticks must end. As my birthday approached I put in an order for some fancy needles and a suggestion of where to start.


Well, not only did she deliver some needles, she added some gorgeous yarn, downloaded a pattern, AND started me off by casting it on (insert sheepish grin).*

Enter this weeks yucky colds and coughs and I had the perfect excuse to take to the couch on the weekend with my tissues, my tea and my knitting.

Now not that I want to count my chickens or anything but I went from this


To this in less than a week! 


No five years in the making for this little number. 

Hmmm I'm starting to feel a little sick again. Best go sit down and do a few rows.

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*Thinking I may need some help to cast off I hoped to bring my knitting with me when I come down to Melbourne. Being a bit of a rules girl, wanting to travel light, and imagining my own horror should my knitting be confiscated at the security check, I thought I'd give the airline a call to ask if metal knitting needles were allowed on board. The following was an excerpt of the conversation I had with the call centre person;

Me: I see I can take knitting needles on board the flight but can I take metal knitting needles?
Call Centre Person (CCP): Needles? No you can't take anything pointy on board.
Me: Well it says on the website I can actually take knitting needles on board but I just wondered if I can take METAL ones?
CCP: What are they?
Me: Knitting needles.
CCP: What are they used for?
Me: Umm, knitting.


  1. Oooh, what ya making! Looks tricky :-)

  2. I knew the Dark Side was a mere matter of time. Welcome. Happy to cast off for you, before the commute home...

  3. hahaaa! what are they used for again?
    gorgeous pics Mel.
    now you better go sit down a little & 'rest".

  4. My goodness! I really don't have any excuse now do I? You are setting such a good example to us non-knitters to get knitting! It looks fantastic!

    I know how to cast on and off, knit and purl and yet I still don't think I can knit. Maybe I will have to have another go soon. If only I had a knitting go to person. :)

  5. That looks incredible! I'm a very novice knitter & have only attempted the regular stitch (whatever that may be), what stitch are you doing there, I really like it...(is stitch a knitting term?)

  6. Snicker snicker. Those airline folk are sumpin' aren't they?! No doubt you'll get stopped multiple times. Meanwhile your yarn thing is looking DElicious but I'm averting my eyes somwhat because yarn is NOT going to lure me in. NO.

  7. Your knitting looks fabulous (as do your needles...are they knitpicks? If they are I'm WAY jealous, cause I've been coveting them for a couple of years!).
    LOL at your helpful airline person.

  8. Of course you said knitting. What, was she expecting you to say your real answer, "I'm going to stab the pilot on board then I'm coming after you." C'mon, that's what you wanted to say wasn't it!

  9. Oh dear. Best stick with the plastic ones I guess. If I had a dollar for every conversation like that one....

  10. Great knitting! Shame it uses such dangerous implements to create!!


  11. Gotta love airline staff!

    Which reminds me, I need to pick up some knitting, haven't done any for months. Curse this quilting bug.

  12. Hahaha. Excellent conversation - *facepalm*! I love the yarn you're knitting with, it's just beautiful :)

  13. I've heard of people using chopsticks to knit with on the plane. I left an exacto blade and scissors in my purse once and accidentally carried them on a plane ... I'm amazed I didn't get stopped.

  14. you're knitting looks fantastic.

  15. I'm a loving your knitting!!! That wool is delicious!!!

  16. oooo!! I don't know what to be more excited about, your amazing knitting or the fact you are coming to Melbourne? Do you think you'd have time to have a coffee with me? I can hook and you can knit??

  17. I love that yarn!! You are so lucky you have some people to help you on your knitting journey. I only have youtube and it's proven to be very frustrating at times! xo m.

  18. Good for you!

    I tried knitting for a short time and then came back to sewing. It is a better fit for me. :)

  19. Beautiful knitting! Should you ever require some help casting off closer to home happy to help. Have fun in Melbourne (lucky duck)!
    Belated happy birthday too :)

  20. Yeah - Melbourne! You will need your knitting to keep you cosy and warm! Have you organised a blog lady catch up or what - come on! And the knitting is looking gorg too - you are going to convince me of the merits of giving it a go

  21. oh no, isn't that just so sad that there are people (or maybe just person) out there that don't know what knitting needles are!

    great work on your new creative pursuit - make sure you give us plenty of updates :)

  22. Oh my, what beautiful yarn. On the needles - I work for an international airline at Sydney and we got advice late last year from the Dept of Transport that all types of knitting needles are now permitted through security. I personally don't think you'll have a problem.


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