Thursday, April 29, 2010

my creative space :: cloudy at first but with a silver lining

The latest block from The Beehive had me in all sorts. Katrina had asked for a massive 16 inch block based on Rita's design using Amy Butler's "Love" fabrics and some nice solid white.

The cloudy day part went like this:

I cut the squares too big not trusting my ability to get a perfect quarter inch seam.
I then needed to trim down 16 half-square triangles.
I then realised I hadn't read the instructions properly and I needed another 16 half-square triangles.
I then realised I had run out of fabric.

After a trip to the LQS for an emergency fat quarter of 'Love' the square worked out in the end with surprisingly accurate pointy bits meeting where they were supposed to. 

Katrina's Blocks

So, what to do with the rest of the fat quarter? Enter the impending 5th birthday of a fellow purple-loving friend, an awesome FREE tutorial and we have this



And then because I ripped the sticker off the front of the sketch book in a weird way I needed to cover it with this little patch


Clearly needing a bit more practice in the 'ol backstitch department but otherwise a gift I am going to be pretty happy to give. And a silver lining ;)

For more creative spaces you know where to go ... but if you don't click here to zoom over to Kirsty's joint.


  1. That is brilliant!! Thanks for the link...I may just give one a whirl. I hope your weekend is sunny and bright :)

  2. That organiser is fab, I love things that hold pens and paintbrushes and look totally awesome too.

  3. They both look great! I so love peeking in on all my bloggy friends and knowing I am not alone in making such lovely things. When telling a friend that I would like to make one of those crayon rolls with the different coloured insides for each crayon I was promptly told by her friend that I "obviously had too much time on my hands." Of course that shut me right up and I thought of lots of wonderful come backs the next day. My point is, seeing beautifully handmade pieces like yours always inspires me and makes me know that it is something worthwhile and I wish I could show that woman some of my favorite blogs, because I think she would eat her words. :)

  4. this is brilliant must make this

    if you have time???? :))))

  5. Fantastic! I love it, it looks fabulous, and your backstitching is fine.

  6. That quilting talk might as well be in another language as far as I'm concerned BUT I do think it looks lovely and I also LOVE the art satchel.

  7. Art satchel is the coolest thing I have seen in oodles! I so need to bookmark it before I forget (that gives me about 10 seconds I think!) great sewing!

  8. forgot to ask - did it take long?

  9. That art satchel is stunning. I adore the fabric! ... and I think your back stitch looks good.

  10. hmmm my comment didn't work again???
    What I said was:
    hehehehehehehe - BLUSH. Your art satchel looks FABO Mel!
    Thanks for blogging about it, the name patch just makes it!
    See you at the next IW Craftroom

  11. Oh it's lovely! All of it! The quilt looks positively perfect as does the art satchel and the stitched name patch just finishes it all off perfectly.

  12. Your art satchel is gorgeous, that fabric is just beautiful! Your quilting is amazing, I'm too scared attempt my quilt I fear the peices all won't meet up!

    My very special parcel of goodies arrived just now - THANKYOU!! Everything is so gorgeous, it is just so very generous of you & I am really greateful to be the lucky recipient, you chose everything perfectly, and that card, I just love it!

  13. Its all just so dam good!!! Love the whole lot of it!! xx

  14. that is so darling. love what you did!


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