Thursday, April 1, 2010

my creative space :: pin cushion madness

Some time ago I referred to sewing a pin cushion as "ego sewing". Having badly mucked up a pair of pants for the little fella I consoled myself by making a very simple, very cute little pin cushion. And it worked a treat. Not only did I wind up with a much needed pin cushion, I felt confident to tackle the next project ... probably fixing the little fella's mucked up pants.

So having had a break from the machine for the last few weeks I was itching to get stitching. Enter Kate's excellent Pin Cushion Swap and we have ourselves the perfect excuse for quick, fun, very satisfying stitchery! You only have to look here, here and here (just to name a few), to see how the pin cushion bug really has bitten.

My only problem has been knowing when to stop



Then I found some tea cups I'd been meaning to use for crafty purposes (the rims were a bit too thick for tea sipping purposes. I'm fussy like that).




So then as you can see, slightly obsessed.

Now the question is - which one do I give to my swap partner?

For more creative spaces (and no doubt a few more discussions of pin cushions) pop round to Kirsty's place. And speaking of pin cushions (and popping), did you see her creation? Crazy talented I tell you!

p.s My slightly late bloggy birthday giveaway is still in the works and will no doubt now include a pin cushion ... or three. 


  1. You've gone pincushion CRAZY, but I can totally understand it. I absolutely love your end products... particularly the OUCH one, tee hee, and the apple tea-cup one. I adore the linen vibe. Superb. Whichever one you end up sending on, you can't go wrong really Mel.

  2. Gorgeous work! I love (and vote for) No.2

    12 months or so is a long time in sewing land, when there are so many people to teach us stuff here online. Your work is beautiful! Keep it up.

  3. pin cushion madness ... and what fantastic madness. which pincshion to give to your swappee ... if I was the lucky recipient (and you know i know it's me! LOL) then I'd pick the ouch one. i spend my whole life saying ouch when i'm working with pins!

  4. Your pin cushions are amazing I love them!! Someone is going to be very lucky...

  5. Wow, love them all, every single one! You may have been a late entry, but from what I've seen, you get the prize for the most pin cushions made. Oh, and I'm the opposite to you, I love a thick rimmed tea cup.

  6. can see that the pin cushion bug has bitten you real bad! Lovely creations, all of them!

  7. Man oh man, I need to get a whopping great wriggle on with that pincushion bizzo (love the lippy touch!)...

  8. oh! they are gorgeous. always wanted to have a teacup pincushion. maybe i'll try to make one for myself too.

    it's my first time on creative space. nice to be here.


  9. hmm, thinking about it, i like thin rimmed teacups aswell.

    and yes, you have gone a little pincushion mad, but they are all so very cute.
    even though i do like the apple in the teacup, ouch is definitely fab!

  10. Loving the pin-cushiony goodness all over blogland. I missed the swap, maybe will have to get in on the madness anyway. I love your teacup ones. And I agree about too-thick teacups. They feel very cheap-caterer to me - like we had when I lived at college!

  11. Love them all - the ouch - too cute. The apple one is super cute too. Lucky swap partner you, I just finished mine up tonight, but I only managed 1 - slacker!

  12. Love them all but especially the one with the lipstick mark. Too cute!!

  13. Beautiful pin cushions. Super cute - especially the lipstick mark on the cup. You've inspired me to get started on mine.

  14. Love them all, and I know what you mean about knowing when to stop! The tea cups are great!

  15. love them all, especially love the lipstick on the cup, oops was i meant to notice that

  16. Very classy pincushions Mel. Esp love the 'ouch'!

  17. Sweet pinchusions !
    I just love them pinchusions..


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