Monday, April 19, 2010

on the doorstep

We're all bunkered down here with colds that seem to involve copious amounts of the green stuff (sorry if you're eating), as well as a very unattractive hacking cough.

So for some reason while I was in the kitchen whipping up a batch of healing chicken soup (lest I end up with risotto again), I also thought I'd make some scones. As you do.

Surprisingly they worked and so in an attempt to get out of the house, if only for two minutes we bundled some up to do a scone drop for our neighbour.

scone drop

And guess what I found on my own front door on my way out?

A pin cushion!

pin cushion!

Yay! Courtesy of the lovely Fran from Lovely Little Sweetpeas. Fran is the creator of the stupendous On-The-Go-Art Satchel which I am currently making for a special someone. But clearly she is also a very talented pin cushion maker too! Look at that ribbon goodness around the edge! And of course the fabric is gorgeous.

Knowing my favourite colour is purple Fran also included these beautiful little crochet flowers.

crochet flowers


And one more thing. I can't believe Fran parted with this but oh I'm so glad she did

critter card

A critter card from Tania! Love it.

Fran, you've made my otherwise dreary day that much brighter. Thank you!

And thank you Kate for organising such a great swap.

p.s Have you entered my giveaway yet? It'll close at 9am tomorrow morning so get in quick!


  1. That pin cush is so beautiful - love it. You love a bit of ribbon, don't you? Me too. I buy it for no good reason other than to have a piece of that sweet action!

    Loving the scones. What recipe did you use?

    Get better soon, x

  2. You scored big time!! Lucky girl. I'm head coldy, my children never seem to get sick (running around in knickers in 0C temperatures, still nothing, me, silly in a cardigan) & i've got that tight swimming cap feeling going on. Looks so beautiful in Canberra this time of year, alas, my ears are popping, itchy eyes, blah. Enjoy your pin cushion, love Posie

  3. lucky girl!! great surprises in the mail.
    hope you feel better soon though

  4. I do hope you are all feeling better soon. I am very impressed though with your scone making. I'm not sure I would have the will power to bake when feeling so poorly.

    I love the pincushion too. Great fabric and great ribbon. Can't wait to get my pin cushion! :)

  5. I hope you lot get much better soon.
    LOVE that pin cushion and all the goodies too.
    I am fascinated by the colour purple. You have no idea how many bloggers asked specifically for no purple or listed it as their favourite colour. Weird! X

  6. Oh my goodness, that ribbon trim!!! It's just lovely, lucky you. Hope you're well aagin soon...

  7. How FANTASTIC!!! Haven't these pincushions been amazing. Some a like works of art!!! You are one lucky lady!!

  8. Lucky girl! That ribbon is a spiffing idea...!

  9. Wow. You do impressive 'sick'. Last time I checked, it was the lady feeling poorly who generally scored the home baked scones. So pleased the healing chook soup is well and truly sorted (this time).

  10. That Fran is one clever lady - love it.


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