Thursday, May 20, 2010

my creative space

trapped under a cat

I found myself trapped under a large furry, purring object today and so was unable to complete any coursework during my three child-free hours. 

owl & pussycat

So I gave up, found a sunny, cat-free spot and started work on a wee bit of stitching (thanks to Nicole at Follow the White Bunny) for a small person's upcoming birthday.


And clearly I was no longer child-free.

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Friday, May 14, 2010

f i v e

I probably should have known when you came out the wrong way* and then made a dive to go under my leg instead of up to the surface of the water that you were going to insist on doing things your way.

We butt heads a lot you and I but secretly, I love your insistent nature and I am learning to love your unique sense of  (ahem) "style".

Like the jewellery you made in preparation for a visit to Santa last year

jewellery making

Or your Cathy Freeman inspired choice in clothing


(note the long snow man socks)

Happy Birthday my crazy, awesome girl.**

* posterior unbeknownst to me. Other than the intense 18 hours of back pain. Youch. 

** also know as Sienna, Ms Mae, Miss S, Possum, Poss, Fluff, Fluffer, HR Fluff'n'Stuff ...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

my creative space :: time on the mountain

view from the chairlift

"Time on the mountain Mel, time on the mountain" is what my friend Joe prescribed on our recent holiday whenever I whinged about my lack of ski skills.

Well, as it turns out "time on the sticks" was also what was required for me to be now, well and truly converted to the dark side.


Or maybe the trick was using such beautiful yarn. Or maybe it was the perfect pattern (The Everyday Cowl) for a knitter with my attention span. That excellent balance of simple stitches with a few fancy bits thrown in there now and then to stop me from getting bored and going back to my quick crafty fix of sewing a seam or two.

Now please excuse my bath towels in the background of my self-portrait shot

everyday cowl

All set for some fairly constant wear over the next few days on my quick trip to Melbourne for Stitches & Craft!  And now that it's finished, no worries about my needles being confiscated at the security check.

For more creative spaces and no doubt lots more chatting about S&C drop on over to Kirsty's place.

Monday, May 3, 2010

one of "those" days

Maybe it's Monday-itis or maybe it's the fact that I am entering week seven of a cough and runny nose (Chinese herbs should take effect any day now ...) but today has been one of those days that finds me struggling to find my happy place.

Thank heavens for the camera which seems to show me things I would otherwise have struggled to see today.

morning tea

bbq tong aided building

sick bed

"I do it! I do it!!!"

mandarin tower

tea & toast

help with the washing


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