Friday, May 14, 2010

f i v e

I probably should have known when you came out the wrong way* and then made a dive to go under my leg instead of up to the surface of the water that you were going to insist on doing things your way.

We butt heads a lot you and I but secretly, I love your insistent nature and I am learning to love your unique sense of  (ahem) "style".

Like the jewellery you made in preparation for a visit to Santa last year

jewellery making

Or your Cathy Freeman inspired choice in clothing


(note the long snow man socks)

Happy Birthday my crazy, awesome girl.**

* posterior unbeknownst to me. Other than the intense 18 hours of back pain. Youch. 

** also know as Sienna, Ms Mae, Miss S, Possum, Poss, Fluff, Fluffer, HR Fluff'n'Stuff ...


  1. ohhh so cute little Miss S.
    happy birthday & well done to you Mel on nurturing & helping form a beautifully inquisative 5 year old.

  2. Happy Birthday! don't you just love a kid with spunk??

  3. Oh happy birthday to your sweet little girl! I am totally convinced that each of our kids birth experiences are reflected in their personalities, it's amazing!

  4. Happy Birthday lovely little Miss!! Hope you had a fantabulous day full of fun. And Happy Birth Day mum :))

  5. Happy Birthday HR Fluff n Stuff! Hope the party goes well Mel!

  6. Happiest number five birthday HR Puff'n'Stuff. Think you might deserve a bit of congratulations too mum - what with that sort of entry...

  7. Happy Birthday to your little one! She looks like a determined, bright and joyful spirit! xo m.

  8. aw - birthdays always make me woozy. hope you and her both celebrated!


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