Thursday, May 6, 2010

my creative space :: time on the mountain

view from the chairlift

"Time on the mountain Mel, time on the mountain" is what my friend Joe prescribed on our recent holiday whenever I whinged about my lack of ski skills.

Well, as it turns out "time on the sticks" was also what was required for me to be now, well and truly converted to the dark side.


Or maybe the trick was using such beautiful yarn. Or maybe it was the perfect pattern (The Everyday Cowl) for a knitter with my attention span. That excellent balance of simple stitches with a few fancy bits thrown in there now and then to stop me from getting bored and going back to my quick crafty fix of sewing a seam or two.

Now please excuse my bath towels in the background of my self-portrait shot

everyday cowl

All set for some fairly constant wear over the next few days on my quick trip to Melbourne for Stitches & Craft!  And now that it's finished, no worries about my needles being confiscated at the security check.

For more creative spaces and no doubt lots more chatting about S&C drop on over to Kirsty's place.


  1. That's amazing! LOVE it, good for you, you should be very happy with that little effort!

  2. Looks great Mel! It's sure to keep you toasty and warm (and looking good) down there in chilly Melbourne.

    Enjoy Stitches!

  3. Hey! You don't have a nose either! Think we should definitely talk further on FLM&ET. In person. And so I can admire said cowl.

  4. It is so beautiful Mel. Wear it with pride at the stitches and craft show. I wish I was able to go too. Wonder when the brissy one is on? Hmmm...

  5. Such lovely colours. Great stuff. You'll be nice and warm for sure... well you neck will be at least.

  6. Its Buuuuutiful!! I LOVE IT xx

  7. Looks great Mel! And didn't you only cast that on at the last CR? You are quite quick.

  8. That is absolutely beautiful, the colours and texture work brilaintly together...hope you keep nice and cozy in chilly Melbourne!

  9. Oh, I'm feeling left out of the cowl club ;-)
    That is one beautiful bit of knitting! Clever you!

  10. Stunning! I could never aspire to such artistry...every time I pick up a pair of knitting needles I make a mess of things!


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