Thursday, May 20, 2010

my creative space

trapped under a cat

I found myself trapped under a large furry, purring object today and so was unable to complete any coursework during my three child-free hours. 

owl & pussycat

So I gave up, found a sunny, cat-free spot and started work on a wee bit of stitching (thanks to Nicole at Follow the White Bunny) for a small person's upcoming birthday.


And clearly I was no longer child-free.

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  1. Your embroidery is looking good, can't wait to see the finished piece. Cute cuddly cat! Happy crafting.

  2. Finally, I see the solution to my problem. All I need do is sign up for a course involving study, and lo! my granny blanket will be finished.

  3. Oh cat craft - I am always a supporter of the cat approved craft! This was our wedding poem so I always have a soft spot for this one.

  4. Look at those helpful little hands...that is going to be a very special little piece, nice work so far.

  5. at least those helpful little hands aren't covered in paint ...

    My Creative Space

  6. Mmmm... that looks like the Owl and the Pussycat! Look forward to seeing the final product. x

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  8. I recently did that course - oh what a lot of work! Loved every minute though!

  9. Oh what I would give for a ball of fluff like that to come and sit on my feet and keep them warm and stop me from going anywhere. Must look into that.
    I hope you have a lovely weekend and get a bit of alone time to continue on with that stitching. X

  10. Love the cat and the owl.... can't wait to see the finished piece. xo m.


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