Monday, May 3, 2010

one of "those" days

Maybe it's Monday-itis or maybe it's the fact that I am entering week seven of a cough and runny nose (Chinese herbs should take effect any day now ...) but today has been one of those days that finds me struggling to find my happy place.

Thank heavens for the camera which seems to show me things I would otherwise have struggled to see today.

morning tea

bbq tong aided building

sick bed

"I do it! I do it!!!"

mandarin tower

tea & toast

help with the washing


  1. Great images! Good for you for taking the time to enjoy the simplest of pleasures that surround you. I know just how you feel, it's sometimes easy to get bogged down in an 'off' mood & miss all those seemingly insignificant but very precious moments. I hope you're feeling better very soon...
    Thanks again for the awesome package of goodies, it made my very dull week a great one! I love everything you sent, especially the card & I adore the colour of the yarn which I am already attempting to put to good use...xx

  2. They are all gorgeous pics Mel and all wonderful reasons to keep going and see throught this yukky time. I hope all those stinky herbs (why do they always smell like henna?) kick in soon.

  3. I'm still betting the snot in my household could rival the snot in your this week. And we don't have any nice-looking, artfully-blurry-in-the-background cookies either.

  4. Great shots. Love 'em muchly.

  5. I think they are great shots too. Love all the pegs on that one piece of clothing too. Has someone been helping with the washing? :)

  6. We're are heading that way. Ah! Love your photos, they are beautiful. Hope you're feeling so much better soon!

  7. So true. Sometimes the camera opens up a whole new view.

  8. oh such a lovely post Mel - never enough pegs I reckon - a good wind and whoop - all gone!
    Hope the 'erbs are kicking in and the sun is out in all ways for you.

  9. I can relate to the runny nose sniffling household. Hope yours has improved 2 weeks later!
    Did you have a good time at Stitches & Craft?


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