Monday, June 7, 2010

here comes the sun

I woke up yesterday morning to these scenes in my backyard ...


After three solid weeks of rain it was so very nice to see. Never underestimate the power of sunshine to one's state of mind!

I hope the scenery is "sunny" where you are too. 

p.s Thank you for all the kind, supportive, "go gently" comments on my last post. It was like receiving a nice warm cyber-hug!


  1. Just to clarify, I was only half serious about redirecting all that wet stuff down south. ENOUGH ALREADY! (enjoy the shiny stuff)....

  2. Wasn't it fabulous? I went out for my morning walk and couldn't help but smile at the gorgeousness of the morning. Sunshine, glowing orange clouds (it was early!), blue skies. Just wish it had stayed that way all day. Hopefully we'll have a nicer week this week.

  3. Gorgeous photos. Uber ace. So so so glad that the sun shone for you. Wonderful. ...Oh and 'here comes the sun' is one of my all time favourite Nina Simone songs. Inspiration and motivation plus.

  4. Glad there has been sun and warmth in your neighborhood. Hope it stays for quite a while for you.

    I do love Nina Simone, but I am mad keen on the Beatles as well. :)

  5. Beautiful. SUch inspiration at your doorstep. Those ears are too cute and velvety! xo m.

  6. Yay, sun!! Everything is still so damp though I can't wait for it to dry out a bit!
    I love the little fluffy ear appearing from the basket. Great photos Mel :-)

  7. Those photos of yours take my breath away, just gorgeous.
    I read that post, the one before this one and couldn't comment because I needed time to process what I wanted to say and here I am ages later and I didn't say anything at all. How rude! I am thinking of you lovely lady (I hope that's not weird). Take your time, bumble along, say what you wont and leave out what you want, its your blog. I'll be here listening and sending you strength and love. X

  8. Thank you for the sun as here (in Belgium) its grey, windy and rainy since Sunday !! But I'm positive, your post will bring the sun back here too.

  9. well its sunny and then raining and then sunny and then hailing here today, which is fine. I have no plans that dont include moccies and sewing.

    thanks for your birthday wishes and being so nice in suggesting I dont need makeup!! & yes no.3 is coming and I havent blogged about it you missed nothing - its kinda like 'number 3 how embarressing'....


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