Thursday, June 17, 2010

my creative space :: playing catch up

Gee whizz you'd wonder if I had a blog at all with the almost non-existant updating.

But what with the constant baskets of laundry (one of which I just stopped folding to write this ... funny it does not seem to be folding itself as I type), a non-sleeping-during-the-day-anymore toddler and taped episodes of Masterchef to catch up on the poor old blog is getting put on the back burner.

That was of course until I had finished my latest knitted thingy and am pretty happy (and warmed) with the results

destroyed cowl

Yep, feeling pretty grateful round about now that I've downsized the photos. And admittedly this isn't the best shot of the feature of this beauty which is the stomach-cramp inducing dropped stitches creating the ladder effect. For a better shot (minus the nose) go see Tania who first made me gasp with the "I must do this and I must do it now's" upon seeing her version. Pattern and yarn details can be found here.

So while you're here I might just flash up a few other bits of homemade goodness that have come in to and out of our house of late. Ok? Cool.

On-the-go Art Satchel :: outside

Another fail safe, always met with a smile On-the-go Art Satchel for a friend turning six.

Sienna's On the go art satchel

Ok make that two On-the-go Art satchel's. A belated shot of one I made for Sienna's fifth birthday.

Sienna's neighbourly

Also for Sienna's birthday, this gorgeous Neighborly vest knitted by my bestie, Antonia.


A red corduroy dress with little flower detail I made for my niece's second birthday.

m.e. brooch

And speaking of flowers this amazingly delicate, gorgeousness made by Cathie arrived in the post on Tuesday thanks to a very uncharacteristic for me win on her recent giveaway. I can't begin to tell you how much I love this work of art.

Max's cushion

Ok and finally (are you still there?), this cushion I recently finished for Max, son of bestie (of the previously mentioned Neighbourly fame) who recently turned two. It features a bit of embroidery I was working on a few creative spaces' ago, the owl and the pussycat, a free pattern from Follow the White Bunny. As my first foray into embroidery I was pretty happy with the result. Admittedly it's mainly pretty simple backstitch but you know, baby steps.

Right then, back to some laundry folding.

Now if you have any reading ability left I strongly suggest you head on over to Kirsty's place and make your way through the ever growing list.


  1. Well done chook! Er, I just sent you a link to another cowl pattern. One that requires less heart failure at the end. Or shall I stop while I am ahead?

    Now I know this Masterchef and neverending washing bizzo gets in the way and all, but just feel the need to say that we're missing you 'round here...

  2. i agree with Tania, I am definitely missing your lovely posts but definitely understand as sometimes....things just happen.
    really loving your pics!
    hugs Mel ♥

  3. Goodness, that is a lot of sewing activity & gift creating going on. Congratulations on the win, yahoo!! Just wait until your children are older, they can fold laundry & magically, put it away IN THE RIGHT PLACES!! I love that, they do not, but hey, how did they think it happened for the first 10 years of their lives?? Love Posie

  4. at least the creativity is still happening! very nice projects in your space today :)

    good luck training that washing to fold itself!

  5. Of course you still have a blog and as much as I miss you around these parts that is the beauty of it that whenever you have a chance you can just pop in and say hi.
    I so have to try and learn this knitting caper! I love it and the colour is gorgeous.

  6. That is one "eye candy" post.....even if we have been waiting with baited breath to hear from you....;) xx

  7. Don't even know where to start with the oohing and ahhing here Mel! ll looking spectacular. Most spectacular of all I think is the revelation that you FOLD you laundry! Slow down, domestic goddess!

  8. I am so loving the owl and the pussy cat cushion. Out of this world ace.
    ... as for washing and just life ... I hear you. The daily grind is out of control here too. Chaos abounds. ...and the thought of my children giving up naps makes me feel physically ill!

  9. You have been busy! Love love love your Owl & Pussycat cushion and your embroidery work looks excellent to me! Maybe you can post the pic in my Flickr group? Thanks :)

  10. Cute cute cute!

    Thanks for the link to the pattern. You saved my behind! I didn't receive my partners info for the stitched post card swap until a couple of days ago, after I sent another email. My partner doesn't have a blog or anything either and this pattern is sweet. So hopefully she likes it too.


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