Thursday, July 8, 2010

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After years of having the same scarf on the needles not knowing how to cast off I had given up hope of ever becoming, "a knitter".

Then even after completing a cowl (or two) I still did not consider myself a knitter. Because in the world according to me I could not consider myself a knitter until I had knitted arm holes.

And look, I did!


Two of them in fact! This little number was a pattern suggested to me by Ms Knit herself, Tania who, if I recall correctly, claimed the ease of this start-at-the-top-knit-in-the-round-till-the-end vest had the power to transform non-knitters into knitting freaks. Come to think of it she may not have used the word "freaks"...

Well anyway she was right! I loved knitting this and so far Ms Pinkalicious loves it as well. Of course I outsourced the weaving in of ends bit to my Mum when she came for a visit and as payment I finally handed over her completed 60th birthday quilt ... seven months after her 60th.

Mum's quilt

I think I mentioned at the time of making this how much I struggled with this quilt. Not just because of matching up pinwheel points but also because I chose fabrics I thought Mum would like (which she does), but which I just really did not.


Well now that it's all quilted (long arm - love the weight this added to it), and bound and, well, out of this house it is beginning to grow on me ... a bit.

For more creative spaces (probably including some real knitters who can even do sleeves!), head on over to Kirsty's place.


  1. Hey lady! I am big loving that top - it is uber cute. Maybe I need to have a crack at it.. ? Are you sure it's relatively easy?

    And the quilt looks divine, really, really pretty. Well done. x

  2. That little knit is just gorgeous, nice job! You've made an amazing quilt for your Mum, I bet she thinks it was well worth the wait, it's stunning!

  3. that top is so gorgeous! But i am a crocheted of lines and spirals only I am afraid...

  4. So...what's on the sticks now?

    PS: Cute mini xx

  5. You are so a knitter now! Love the top. Super cute.
    I am attempting knitting again at the moment. Though I'm not finding it as 'easy' as the pattern suggested.

    Love the quilt. I have the same problem with some curtains I have been making for my father in law. His choice of fabric and they are still sitting there, half finished. I'm sure I will love them if I ever finish them and see them hanging at his house.

  6. I love your quilt! I have a theory that sometimes when we are working on a project we can be too close it to really see it for what it is. Maybe now it is finished and with your mum you will come to appreciate how beautiful it is. I love the little jumper too, maybe as a non knitter there is hope for me too! xo

  7. EEeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!
    You are knitting and your knitting is wonderful and I want to knit that now. Can I? Where did you get the pattern from? Do you mind? Can someone who has just been knitting for a few days knit something like that? I love it so much you clever sleeve knitter you. X

  8. Good on you, what a great achievement. The knitting looks fabulous. I'm a bit scared of the whole pattern thing, I'm sticking to straight lines at the moment but I'm thinking I should give a jumper a try... maybe:) Your mother's quilt is gorgeous.

  9. HIGH FIVE YOU KNITTER LADY YOU!!!! Fabuloso in the extreme. As is the quilt - only with a different aesthetic. One that I have no doubt, your Mum does with great aplomb.

  10. Great top... so very cute and so lovely and pink.
    I'm a fan of the quilt too - the fabrics are great.

  11. Great job!!! Just finished one very similar, certainly gave me confidence to do more :)

  12. Love your knitted top it looks Great...and your Quilt looks lovely I'm sure Your Mum just Loves it...

  13. Lalala.... knitting... lalala.... still sticking head in sand when yarn is mentioned.

    The quilt is really gorgeous. Really, really gorgeous. It IS hard to work on things that aren't to your own taste, but it doesn't mean that they aren't beautiful. There are so many things I see and love, and would like to make, but realise that I wouldn't use them in my own house. Which is why I have heaps of fabrics that just don't make any sense together!

  14. Oh wow. I'm blown away. By both projects. Amazing work Mel. Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!

  15. Beautiful work Mel, just beautiful :-)

  16. What a beautiful top! Congratulations (and the quilt is fab too).

  17. Both of these are so creative and lovely. Really whimsical, which I love.

    I popped over from Little Red Ribbon's blog and I'm so glad I did. I think I'd better follow to see what you get up to next!

  18. The quilt looks terrific! Well done to finish it. You will look back on it now & admire & no you did a great job on it & you will like it a bit more each time. (been there done that!)
    Did you finish the scarf too? Yay! & the top is great!

  19. you are officially a knitter- that jumper is so beautiful and the armholes are perfect (lol). congrats on finishing the quilt, it looks beautiful. xo m.


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