Thursday, July 29, 2010

my creative space :: making the best of it

Wow. Long time no blog.

Things have been a wee bit tricky around here with not the least of our problems being a buggered hard drive ... on a six month old computer! Which is why I am also a bit behind in sharing what was (so glad it's past tense), my creative space a week or so ago ...




My poor little fellow had a runny nose that quickly became difficulty breathing which then had us racing back to hospital only a few months after our last visit. This time though the poor tike wound up with pneumonia which saw us moving into the hospital for a week. Half way through our stay we got the news that in fact he had a respiratory virus as well, which meant we were moved into an isolated room which he was not allowed to leave.

Enter the books, DVD's, finger puppets, favourite toys, and thanks to the proximity of Art on King, scissors, paper and copious amounts of glue and we had ourselves a regular little hospital room creative space going on!

And what about my creative space? Well thanks also to the  (too) close proximity of countless bookshops and Mag Nation (thanks Bianca!) I had a spot of reading material

And after staring at the hard cold surfaces of a hospital room it was only so long before a bombing was required ... my first!


I also used my camera as a way of "seeing" what I couldn't "see"



More of these can be seen here.

I have to say a massive "thanks" to all my twitter buddies who were literally my lifeline to the world outside the hospital ward and for all the  local offers of help and donuts (why did I refuse those?).

For more and no doubt healthier creative spaces duck on over to Kirsty's place.

p.s The boy is back to his usual healthy self ... cross fingers!


  1. Glad it is past tense..But looks like you made the best of it. Hospital stays are no fun at all.

  2. Glad he's back to normal!
    LOVE your first yarn bomb.
    How did the nursing staff cope with it?
    Andi x

  3. What a horrible scare for you all!! I'm so glad he is on the mend, it's frightening to have a child so sick, you somehow switch onto auto pilot to get through it (probably why you didn't accept offers of yummy donuts, the mind was just in survivial mode) we spent two weeks of Christmas in hospital with our big boy & I never want to go through that again. Take care, & I love your bombing, perfect! x

  4. Hope alls well now!
    Loving the Guerrilla knitting

  5. oh mel, so horrid. We hated the three days I was in with K. Can't imagine longer. so glad your all better now. Love the bombing - you are my hospital hero!
    big love and hope you stay clear of the white house.

  6. So glad to hear everything's ok again. Its so hard when our little people are really sick.
    Lucky to have Art on King and real food so close (and yes I speak from past experience!) ;-)

  7. Glad he's on the up & up now Mel.

  8. It's good news to hear that your little one is feeling better now, what a terrible time for you. And the spruce up of the bed is a winner. xo

  9. wow ... so glad he's feeling better .... sorry you all had to go through that ....

  10. My fingers are crossed! Your poor little man! How scary that must have been. Thinking of you and sending our best wishes.

  11. Wow, what a week!! So glad to hear your little one is back to his normal self.

  12. Sorry to hear that your little boy and your family had to go through that. Always hard seeing a little sick, glad to hear he's doing much better.

  13. Gah. Welcome back. Glad you had humour enough to yarn bomb during what must've been a horrible time with your little guy in hospital (never a fun place to be, especially not with a child).

    All my love for you and hope he's fully out of the woods,

  14. Oh no! You poor thing (and him of course!)
    So pleased to hear you are home and ok now.
    Someone once told me that you don't know the meaning or feeling of worry until you have kids and I now know this to be true.
    I really hope yours is over for a VERY long while.
    LOVE the naughty knitting.
    Lots of love. XX

  15. so glad to see your all back home and here's to good health x

  16. I'm betting you saw ten to four at both ends of the day. Poor, poor chook. SO glad to hear your poppet is back on track. Am also utterly smitten with the hospital yarn bombery!!!!!!

  17. Oh Mel I am so sorry your baby has been so sick! How stressful - and isn't staying in hospital so tiring, you never really sleep do you.

    Gee that hospital bed looks so much better after it's 'makeover'!


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