Tuesday, August 3, 2010

birthday boy

It was Jamie's birthday last week and as usual, I had absolutely no idea what to get for him.

And as usual he was ever helpful with, "um .... I don't know" being his answer to my frequent pleas for guidance.

So what do you get or make for the bloke who wants nothing* and isn't exactly the type to don a lovingly made beanie or scarf (he's never got over the childhood "it's itchy!" factor)?

At the eleventh hour, with a little help from my friends ...

book mark in progress

... and a little covert stitchery right under the birthday boy's nose complete with strict instructions on colour selections ...

birthday book mark

... we had ourselves a nice little book mark. Notice he is wearing, "heart socks with his clip clop work shoes". As you do.


And then we had cupcakes.

* on an outing with the kids he did just happen to buy "the family" a present ;)


  1. Aw Mel - that is super - I bet he was pleased and I bet you felt all warm and fuzzy. What a great memory! Love the photo of your bunch.

  2. Oooooh so cute. I love the heart socks and I am well versed in those clip-clop work shoes!

    I love this post.

    Did you make those cakes? They are divine! (not to mention the peeps behind them!).

  3. Happy Birthday Luca!

    PS: Cute bookmark x

  4. And how about the ‘But I'd look poncy in stuff you knit!’ reaction? Humpfh! to that is what I say. Next time I'll take a leaf and earmark book related stitchery. I'd also be chuffed with the 'family' present myself.

  5. Happy birthday Jamie!!!
    What a lucky boy you are with those lovely gifts!!!

  6. 1. SUCH a great bookmark, I can't wait until someone in my house draws anything resembling, well, anyone, and we'll be embroidering it up just like that thank you.

    2. Meanwhile, those cupcakes have just gone straight to my thighs. Did you do the decorating?

    3. Ahhh. iPad. How lucky the 'family' are.

  7. happy birthday to your little man!
    great party & gift!
    beautiful pics Mel ♥

  8. Wow! Inspirational...
    now don't tell us you made those cupcakes yourself..it will make me feel very inadequate!!

  9. What a great present idea for your hubby, it looks great and the cupcakes delicious. I hope your hubby had a great birthday. :)

  10. OMG that book mark is gorgeous! Did Jamie love it?

  11. How very sweet! hope Jamie loved his book mark.

  12. Mel that is absolutely gorgeous! What a sweet idea & the cupcakes look pretty fabulous too, they sure put mine to shame!
    ...not sure how to respond directly to comments, so I'll let you know here...didn't get the chairs!! Huge shame, they were unbelievably stunning...

  13. that bookmark is divine....colour selection is awesome too!!

  14. What a wonderful birthday memento. I'm not sure how old he's turning, but gee he seems like a fab little drawer. (As in, draw, not clothes... you know.) I'm lucky if my 6 year old remembers to put on a face, let alone fingers and shoes (with a heel, no less). I think he has mum's creativity!!!

  15. What a gorgeous, personal gift - so special :)


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