Thursday, August 26, 2010

my creative space ... overload

I am painfully aware that the only time I have blogged in the past THREE weeks was when there was a Creative Space to turn up for. And why is that? Well because I have been too busy making stuff to blog about anything else!


In fact I've been so busy making stuff I haven't even had time to look up and really notice anything that is going on in my house or with my family either that I could potentially blog about. Or just be involved in.

coffee sack bucket

And now that I find myself at the finish line of all this making it suddenly hit me: did I enjoy any of that or did I power through it like a woman possessed? It's also hard to admit that upon reflection there have definitely been times over the past few weeks where I have chosen to sit myself at the machine rather than being available to help build train tracks or play hide and seek.

monogramed linen napkins

Yeah sure the sewing machine is set up in the middle of our tiny living room where all the action is and I do believe it's good for the kids to see me doing something that I like to do, but still, I'm acutely aware that the balance has been off.


So I will take the next two weeks to ponder that balance, return to the meditative click clack of the sticks, write some lists, peruse some patterns, follow some links, see some friends get married, and perhaps remind myself what it was about all this making that I liked in the first place.

I shall return refreshed and recharged!


That's if I can get the cat off the quilt and get myself on a plane.

In the meantime you know where to go to get your own creative juices flowing.


  1. You have been busily making some really beautiful things, I love everything there. It's funny you say that about not looking up to notice what else is going on, I feel like I've been a bit the same..time to re-focus...enjoy your little break.

  2. It's great that you've been busy crafting away. I tend to forget who's around when I'm into a project too - but unfortunately it doesn't happen as often as i would like.

  3. i cannot believe that I can't see your pics!!
    I think I am having flickr issues because I can't see Kootoyoo's pics either.

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  5. The balance may be off ... but what you've made is so very ace. Loving it all.
    ... and your cat is one smart fellow for taking the quilt hostage!

  6. And...exhale...


    For the record: everything looks gorgeous. And you're clever and understanding train track issues. Take your time Mrs. Enjoy the click and the clack. AND THE WEDDING!

  7. Busy with gorgeous things, fantastic work, love Posie

  8. Busy,busy - there's no other way to be. The quilt looks great with it’s binding all done and ready to go. Sit back, relax for a bit and then dive straight back in again, and again and again.

  9. I struggle with that balance thing all the time!!!
    (But all your creations do look wonderful)

  10. I hope you regain your balance, but must say all your creations are beautiful!

  11. Wow insane amounts of lovely..Sometimes a mad dash for ourselves is necessary to refocus our attentions :)

  12. I know just the kind of creative insanity you've been gripped with! I love the look of it all, and you have accomplished heaps, so well done. But I also know how kind of anticlimactic it feels when you really haven't had time to engage with the process, and enjoy it. It's a hard thing to attain... let's keep working on it!
    (Meanwhile, I've neither been blogging, nor sewing, nor anything really... what HAVE I been doing?!)

  13. the balance will restore it's self and you will be surrounded in loveliness, enjoy the wedding x

  14. As much as I love your creative spaces I miss your other stuff - do come back recharged I miss you!

  15. I need to get busy making some jewellery. I just found your blog - lovely work. I admire people that can sew/quilt - I simply dont have the patience (my mum, a qualified dressmaker tried so many times!) I am now following your blog... please stop by and say hi and follow mmine if you wish at ---------->

  16. Hi Mel! I just found your lovely blog and wanted to say hello :-) So many gorgeous projects in this last post, wow!

  17. Hi Mel, I just found your lovely blog through BYW. You are making some gorgeous things here - really beautiful!


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