Thursday, August 19, 2010

my creative space

This week I give you quilts three ways:

Firstly a doll quilt for The Down Under Doll Quilt swap organised by the lovely (and currently injured) Kate.

Doll quilt

This linen and Liberty combo was hand quilted and is currently on it's way to it's new home. If I ever mention my intention to sew gorgeous buttery Liberty together with a lovely open weave linen can someone remind me to screw my head back on? This was bloody hard challenging but completely worth it for the recipient!

Secondly some machine quilted pot holders as part of the loot I'm making for my Urban Home Goods Swap partner.

Pot holders

I like these so much it will be a bit tricky to part with them. But that would mean needing to make another item (along with all the others I have planned), and that may very well push me over the crafty edge. More than sewing Liberty and linen together.

And last but not least a close up of the wedding quilt after it's lightening fast (read: "overnight"), trip to Suzanne for some long-arm quilting.

Wedding quilt - bound!

This was Suzanne's first long-arm quilt and I am just bowled over by how well it has turned out. Next step; hand sewing on the binding and packing this baby in my suitcase next Saturday.

Max quilt appreciation

That's if I can get a very appreciative cat off it first.

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  1. Oh Mel, they are outstanding!! You've done such beautiful work, I absolutely love them all!

  2. Your quilts are so beautiful. Do you make on commission?

  3. Well done Mel - on all fronts! The wedding quilt is just stunning, truly beautiful.

    I always starch my linen before sewing. I'm sure there is an environmental alarm going off when I starch...I use SO much but find it really helps.


  4. Wow, you are a busy girl, and they are all gorgeous. I am so glad that you liked the quilting! The binding looks great. I am sure it is going to be a huge hit with the lucky couple.

  5. Wowzers girl, you have been stitching some gorgeous stuff!
    I love, love, love them all. You have such a beautiful style and way of putting things together.
    Are you going not tomorrow but the next day? Eeeeek have a brilliant time. X

  6. Lovely! Especially the potholders! I love that fabric. You've done such a gorgeous job Mel!

  7. ohh, I have to come back, pics aren't loading!

  8. Love the quilt colors and the potholders are awesome...:)

  9. still not loading.
    i'll go to your flickr.

  10. Wow Mel, everything looks just perfectly gorgeous. I'll bear in mind the comment about liberty and linen... haven't sewn too much with either so I'll steer clear but gee they look HOT together.

    THat was a very quick turn around on the quilting too! Amazing.

  11. Don't cats just love it when you make such comfy things just for them to lie on!! Mine don't even wait till I have finished.

  12. I LOVE it!!! Just got the mail and nearly squealed in the post office! Thanks!

  13. So much quilty goodness. Beautiful.

  14. Gorgeous quilts here Mel. I've just sewn buttery voile onto linen, I feel your pain!!!


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