Sunday, September 12, 2010

home, sweet home

Ah New York.

There really is no place quite like it.

I love it so much I have declared since my first (and second), visit many years ago that I would move there yesterday.

And yet the minute I'm on the way home and start to hear the flattened vowels of the flight attendants (i.e "Baaarry, have you got any more chaaardonnaaay?"), I get excited about getting home and about seeing that blinding light of ours as I step off the plane.

And so it was yesterday that we decided to bask in the beauty and uniqueness that is this country of ours

and wound up on a blanket with the best view in the world.

view from the picnic rug

Home, sweet home.


  1. Flying Qantas then?

    I too always associate arriving back home with a blinding, squinting, bright morning light.

    Welcome home chook.

  2. Sorry Shaaron .... I just poured that laaaaast drop!

  3. I know! I remember coming back to Australia after six months in Europe. The man checking our passports said "Weeelcome back to Austraaalia looove" and I wanted to kiss him!

    I'd love to visit New York one day. Sounds brilliant. Hope you had a fantastic time. Welcome home.



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