Friday, September 24, 2010

a spring in my step

There are so many things to love about this amazing season that I thought I might just make a list.

  • Spending a lot more time in the garden as we try to forget vegetable and herb disasters of seasons past and start all over again


... finding little beasties along the way


  • Discovering a new reason to sit and do some meditative stamping


  • Being totally seduced by all the blooms on offer


... and I use the word "blooms" kinda loosely


  • Harnessing that desire to make old things new again and do a bit of sprucing up around the place

notice board

What are you loving about the season you find yourself in?


  1. The promise of warm weather to come...which is probably at least another month away :(

  2. I love your ribbon..and your stamping..and your new look blog! As for this season we call spring, I'd really like some warmer weather too, it's kind of a long time coming down here in Vic. I do absolutely love seeing the pretty blossom everywhere, it instantly brightens my day..

  3. I am so feeling that extra spring in my step right now! This season Spring. Don't ya just love it?

  4. Yes, gorgeous blossom all around Canberra & yippee, school holidays combined with my husband coming home (after 9 months at war) but we're kicking it all off with a trip to Sydney for a family funeral, our children's great grandmother. Emotional roller coaster ride. Love Posie

  5. We are on the verge of Autumn, here in Florence. I love the changing light, the crisp air in the morning, the red colours of the Virginia creep...

  6. Gawd I love that blossom photo Mel.

    What are you stamping your veggie patch lables on? I need to do a few of those.

  7. Great photos and so nice to read a blog in my hemisphere. I'm so enjoying the blooms in Canberra at the moment and off to Floriade for the ultimate spring treat. Stopping by from BYW.

  8. I really wish I could say I was enjoying Spring (my favourite season) but it just hasn't arrived in Melbourne yet. Too cold!!!
    Where are you sunshine?

  9. What a lovely blog! I just found you through BYW. Your pics are fantastic. We're just heading into autumn, and I'm loving the falling leaves, cozy nights and lots of candle light.

  10. Holey moley look at your fancy blog!
    Gorgeous, gorgeous photos Mel.
    I'm loving that the days are getting slightly longer and maybe just a touch warmer.

  11. Hi Mel, your photos are lovely (i didn't know u wanted to be a photographer) and your blog is bright and cheerful. It's good just to sit and enjoy. J

  12. hey Mel,
    I am loving the bit of sunshine that warms your back when you sit outside, just the right temperature & ohhh soo soothing.

    I still can't see any of your pics on your blog, I don't know what it is...sigh..


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