Monday, October 18, 2010

Numero Tre

Luca's 3rd Birthday

Although it seems like five minutes ago, apparently yesterday it was three years since this child decided to make his very late, but quick entrance into the world.

So yesterday we celebrated with a few presents and what has become a family tradition of pancakes* for breakfast at home before dashing up to Newcastle to have a shared birthday celebration with a cousin and extended family members.

All in all a lovely day for this gorgeous, gentle, caring TALL boy of ours.

Happy Birthday Luca!

*Quite honestly, if you have a hankering for thick, fluffy American style pancakes then this is the recipe for you! 

p.s. - I may not have managed to reply individually to all the amazing messages of support for our Maxie last week. Your comments really buoyed me through what was a pretty harrowing week. After a few steps forward and many steps back our furry fellow will have surgery on his jaw today. He has regained sight in one eye and is meowing - all small but very good signs for a recovery. 


  1. Mel, I've been thinking about sweet-faced Max for days now. My worried heart is so glad he is doing better. Happy Birthday to your cute little guy.

  2. Happy Birthday to your little man! Time sure goes fast, it feels like yesterday our littlest guy was born & he'll be 4 in 2wks!! I'm so glad your little cat improving, I hope surgery goes goes well today...

  3. Happy Birthday to the big boy! Alfie is 3 in Feb...time bloody flies, I still consider him the baby x

  4. Could he be more cute? Loving the 'nutcase' helmet too!

  5. Happy Birthday Luca! Great photos and that helmet is such a laugh! Nutcase! Perfect.

    I'm so glad there are positive signs of recovery. I will keep Max in my thoughts.


  6. Aww! What a handsome little man and such a sweet face. Glad to hear good news about Max. x

  7. May 3 be wonderful and full of life for your young man :)
    Happy birthday, and happy birth day to you mamma.

  8. I am happy Max is getting better. They are the best company, just love being around a human making a quilt. He has the sweetest face.

  9. Oh top helmet - I want one for me and all my family - how appropriate for us all that would be.


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