Friday, October 8, 2010

Schoolhouse Tunic

Ever since I sat next to Sophie at The Craft Room all day craft-a-thon and witnessed her whip up a Schoolhouse Tunic in the space of a few hours I was chomping at the bit to make my own. To me this top is the perfect combination of a flattering neckline and then that fantastic drop-from-the-waist-ness that cleverly disguises any hint of late night chocolate eating.

So when I was in New York recently I had my yardage requirements handy as I navigated the overwhelming isles of Mood.* I found some lovely, gauzy, silky voile and immediately fell in love. Of course the voile and I have not exactly been seeing eye to eye over the past few days but otherwise I found the Schoolhouse Tunic pattern to be pretty straight forward, thanks in a large part to the very clear instructions.

schoolhouse tunic

Now here's the problem.

When I bought the fabric I didn't notice the large rose design in the circle running along the base of the fabric. When I was cutting out the pattern I felt it was going to be better to try and keep the rose on the skirt part of the tunic rather than emblazoned all over "the girls".

HOWEVER I now realise that perhaps a great big rose over my lower abdomen is not perhaps the most flattering look either.

schoolhouse tunic

Confirmed when I modelled it for the Mr last night and he loudly guffawed (and a guffaw is big from the guy who usually lets not even a snigger pass his lips).

Oh and in case you can't see my butt highlighted by the other huge rose I'm helpfully pointing it out for you.

schoolhouse tunic - back view

So friends here are my options as I see them:

1. Cut the tunic up to the shirt length thus rendering the circle shape to a semi circle. However this would mean I would have a large semi circle at the top of my backside. Would that be worse?

2. Leave it as is and wear it with confidence as if I had planned it that way.

What say you?

p.s Jo also made a lovely shirt version in the past week which you can see here.

* For fellow lovers of Project Runway you'll know how much of a struggle it was for me to not shout out, "Thank you Moooood" a la Tim Gunn at the end of my Mood visit.


  1. Oooh, I like it! I say wear it with aplomb and pretend it was intentional.

  2. I say rock the rose! It looks fantastic!

  3. I just snorted tea out my nose. That's pretty funnny accidental placing of a flower.... Leaving it would be fine - although I like that fabric as a shirt for some reason. *personal opinion*

  4. My Lord that fabric is DIVINE!!!!! You have to leave it and let the rose sing for itself!!

    What you didn't let on was just how long this is - is there balance below for the rose to make it in proportion??

    I love it Mel - and you will wear it with style :)

  5. The first pic made me think it was a short tunic and i loved it - I love the rose as well but must say couldn't get past the 'oh, thought it was short'. don't know about you but you might not be able to forget about the snort from the mr when you wear it!
    Either way it is great but the shorter version is my pic. On the comments so far you are headed for further confusion!
    ps my confirmation word is upperromp!

  6. I couldn't help but giggle, so something I would do. But I say leave it be, please don't cut up your very hard work! You then run the risk of being even more unsure of it. I think it's fine! Enjoy and nice work!

  7. I am sitting firmly on the fence (MOSTLY BECAUSE I CAN'T SEE THE WHOLE THING! but also) because you HAVE to wear it. What I can see is gorgeous. And whichever way you opt, you know it's all about confidence - you style setter, you.

  8. your post made me laugh I've been there -but you rock for completing the shirt!

  9. Why not leave it as is for a while? You can always cut it down to shirt size at a later date!

    From the pics it looks pretty fabulous!

    (and thanks for the link!)

  10. I agree with Jo, wear it as it is, the tunic looks pretty cool to me.

  11. I love it and your tiny, so wear it with pride and when you're wearing it, I bet you get lots of lovely looks and comments.

  12. Wow, you clever girl, it fits perfectly, exactly like it should!! I think it looks beautiful!! The rose looks intentional, I say wear it with confidence.

  13. I'm so sorry, I do have to confess that I laughed out loud when I saw the flower, but you know I think you should just brazen it out and pretend you meant it to be that way. Honestly, it does look awesome, really!

  14. Hello! Found you through Flickr. I LOVE the fabric! It's absolutely gorgeous. I say leave it as is.

    Love you blog, BTW!

  15. I say leave it - I think it looks great. I really must make one of those - I have the pattern sitting here.

  16. Absolutely - wear it with pride, it is gorgeous!

  17. I love the pattern at the top. It's a shame that they even have that rose circle in the pattern on the fabric. I say make it a two toned shirt. seam rip the lower half off, and replace it with a solid black fabric. To add some finishing, and to give it a 'segue' into the black, maybe cut off some of the diamond shape (from the bottom half you cut off) and attach a long strip of it (finished in a tube, turned inside out and ironed flat maybe 1/4 of an inch, to sew on the seam around the bust line where the patterned and the black meet. The tie would be right at the bottom of the V in the neckline. Hope this gives you another idea for an option :)


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