Friday, October 1, 2010

that handmade sigh of relief

You know the one right? That comfortable groove when you get to make something for a fellow crafter or believer in the "I-don't-care-that-it's-got-wonky-seams-cos-it's-handmade" philosophy.


That cosy feeling had me sailing through this second version of the ice-cream social dress*. Even the bits where I was muttering through my gritted teeth and unpicking seams into the wee small hours were worth it knowing that it was going to be worn by the daughter of a fellow sewist.

Fellow sewist herself also had a birthday and suddenly I was completely and utterly stuck for ideas. For weeks I was tossing up potential projects. Placemats? No she's made them already. A table runner? No she's made one already. A tote bag. No she's made one already. Knit something? Don't be stupid you know how slow you are at knitting.

In the end I came up with a variation on the burlap bucket I made here (pattern from the very talented maya*made) and this book.

Sam's bucket

My other crafty (and Libran, and red loving), friend got the same fabrics (which, incidentally are both from Kelani) in a different way


A cushion with a tiny bit of quilting on the branches of those beautiful trees. She got some other stuff too (namely an antique amber owl brooch from Yard Sale), but I just know she's loving the handmade cushion just that little bit more. You know?

*Believe it or not the dark fabric used in the ice-cream social dress is actually the same denim as used in the other two projects. A combination of a dull day and an early morning, pre-birthday party photo shoot has ended up making it look black. Which it's not. Just sayin'. 


  1. Lucky friend! All beautiful gifts but I especially like the cushions.

  2. I'll say! She sure is a lucky friend. I love that bucket bag & cushion, brilliant! Gorgeous fabric. And that dress is really sweet, you're very clever!

  3. Lovely work...that red fabric is just gorgeous...xxt

  4. Oh yes, lucky friend indeed - those crafted delights are fabulous - well done ;-)

  5. that is beautiful printed fabric you've used for the dress and the bucket, i've been avoiding kalani because there is just too much nice stuff. Wonderful presents, i bet they are very much appreciated and cherished

  6. gorgeous! I love those fabrics, and great job on the ice-cream social dress. I find Oliver & S patterns challenging too. :-S

  7. Lucky lucky birthdaying friends. I know what you mean about the cosy feeling. But I'm getting worse at the gifting of handmade for the non-crafty. Lots of fortieth birthdays this year and I've been foisting the handmade upon the bewildered!

  8. oh you are such a pal! what beautiful gifts. i still take a moment every time I read ice cream social - just doesn't have a hook in my head!


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