Thursday, October 7, 2010

my creative space

Well I had hoped to share with you the item of sewing that has been consuming my creative space for the last few days, my school house tunic but this is the state it's in as of five minutes ago.

School house tunic WIP

Cat hair included. So I might share that in a few days.

Instead I thought I'd take this opportunity to alert you to the  fourth round of Softies for Mirabel, you know, if you've been living under a rock or something. Now by my count you've still got plenty of time to get cracking on your softie of choice before they are due in at Pip's place. Last year was my first go and I made this guy. Believe it or not, he is my most viewed image on flickr. Go figure.

This year I'm feeling inspired by this little bit of cuteness I happened upon in the French Marie Claire Idees magazine (and if anyone can tell me what the brown fabric on his belly is I will love you forever).

bunny from marie claire idees magazine

Or perhaps I can find inspiration a little closer to home in these guys.

softie friends

Sienna made the chocolate brown one in the front (named, "Elizabeth" until just this moment when she declared it's called "One-patch ear, one-patch eye underpants"), at a sewing class she attended last week. Of course we then had to whip up a companion for Luca the next day, the appropriately named "Spotty Dog".

Now if you want to see an amazing donation in progress head on over to Kate's for a look at what she's up to.

For more creative spaces pop over to Kirsty's.


  1. Sienna is genius (as if you didn't know) and I vote for the 'closer to home' variety. Oh so much more filled with love and life. NOt that the other isn't wonderful I just favour the way I favour alright!

  2. Oooh yes, I am hoping to squeeze in a bit of softie making for Mirabel too. Now I really need to get my hobby fill back from Grandpa's.

    Love those little softies.


  3. Can't wait to see your tunic completed, fabric looks beautiful!

  4. send me the love: the fabric used on the softie in the magazine looks like it is by megumi sakakibara. have a look on etsy, you should be able to find it or something very similar.

  5. One-patch ear, one-patch eye underpants and Spotty Dod are both adorable! I also love the Marie Clair bunny - such a sweet face and beautiful fabrics.

  6. I do really like Spotty Dog and One-patch ear and One-patch eye underpants and their names too;) Looks like they had lots of fun making them.

  7. Your toys are so incredibly sweet ... I really need to get into making softies.
    My Creative Space

  8. No idea about the fabric - but it is super cute isn't it?
    Loving your softies too.

  9. Those softies are just too cute for words. Toys of the heirloom variety me thinks.......

  10. LOL - I love the second name she has chosen much better than the first -- it has character! ;-)

  11. They are sooo cute!!!! I think I'm going to have to try to something like that for my first Softie for Mirabel (oh and I love your top!!).


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