Monday, November 29, 2010

A Sewjourn

Well just when I thought I'd run out of creative mojo along came Sewjourn and with it, a massive injection of crafty inspiration.


Thanks in a large part to the stunning surroundings and perhaps a little bit also had to do with some seriously talented (and bloody funny), crafty women.

Not long after arriving with my generous and inspiring travel companion in our awesome vehicle* ...

Green machine

... I'd learnt about REAL interfacing and soon after that I had learned a few new swear words (which needed to be googled), laughed so hard I had to clutch my sides, and was led into a serious robot fetish.

I watched in awe as beautiful creations were made out Liberty and sense, not to mention beautiful and functional clothing, was made of Japanese pattern books. I woke up to beautiful coffee (good enough to ditch the decaf for a few days), and to make breakfast with a calm and beautiful person. I drooled along with everyone over gorgeous Japanese fabrics which were effortlessly fashioned into the cutest hat I've ever seen.


And what did I make? Well, I found a comfy spot and plodded along with some slow stitching, finished a baby gift and cast on some new knitting (learning "kfab" along the way - so much better in person than on you tube!)


... only to have it all lost for nearly twenty-four hours when my luggage decided to stay in Melbourne.


And I mean really, who could blame it?

*Um, please note that bit up in the "about me" section of my blog where I say I'm sarcastic ...
p.s. I started to respond to individual comments on my last post and then suddenly got a little overwhelmed by the sheer number of responses! But I did want to say a massive and genuine "thank you" for all the lovely, supportive comments. It's so nice to know so many people are genuinely happy for us and this new little person we have on the way! 


  1. wow! that sounds so amazing and nourishing and wonderful. Well done for indulging so well - keep it up as you deserve every bit.

  2. oh, that looks fantastic - what a setting, and so much inspiration! Well done for getting away for a few days, and enjoying some serious 'you' time --- I am turning green with envy!

  3. Such a fantastic weekend Mel, and so wonderful to meet you. Wishing you lots of peaceful growing time for your 'new project' and would so love to meet you again if you are down this way. xx

  4. Indeed a fantastic weekend- it was lovely to spend time with you!

  5. so excellent to spend time with you and laugh with you and share with you and eat with you and, yes, make coffee with you. :)

    looking forward to doing it all over another time.xx

  6. so lovely to meet you. Hope we get to do the (Sew)journey together another time!

  7. Arrrgh, I'm missed you on my creative space this week and look what you went and did!! Congratulations!! No wonder you needed such a glorious escape - looks like you had a wonderful realxing creative and inspiring time.
    Oh and I'm so glad you reminded us about the sarcastic bit (was beginning to wonder...)


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