Tuesday, December 7, 2010

reasons why I simultaneously love and loathe the postal service

This is a long and convoluted story but there are pretty pictures at the end so bear with me ... or just skip to the pretty pictures.

When we moved in to this house over three and a half years ago I wondered why our phone and internet was taking so long to get connected, especially since I had pre-organised it all in a very unlike me kinda way. After a few very confusing calls it became apparent that there was both a "street" and an "avenue" by the same name in our suburb. Superb. I can't begin to tell you how many annoying calls it took to sort that all out (not to mention changing phone numbers three times in as many days), but the hits just kept on coming.

Over the years tradesmen have called me, frustrated, demanding to know why I'm not answering the door, ("Um are you at X Street instead of X Avenue? That would be why."), even the midwife visiting us after Luca's birth wondered where we were, especially considering there was a huge delivery of flowers also on the doorstep!

So for near on three and a half years I keep meaning to go round to the house by the same number at X Street and introduce myself and perhaps trade numbers just in case the need ever arose.

Well the need arose when one Tania gently enquired as to the whereabouts of a certain little "just because" brown paper package tied up with string. It was all the motivation I needed to pile the kids in the car on a rainy day and finally get this whole mess sorted out.

As it turned out they were not home so I left a note with the whole sorry tale as well as a general enquiry about certain "packages" that may or may not have arrived on their doorstep within the last few days. Perhaps the word "packages" freaked the residents of the house out somewhat because it took a full 24 hours before finally someone gave me a call. And guess what? Indeed a package HAD turned up on their doorstep ... and had been redirected.

Fast forward a WEEK AND A HALF later and a slightly crumpled, perhaps a little damp brown paper package tied up with string arrived on my doorstep!* Talk about build up!

The wrapping didn't last too long ...

myrtle & eunice goodies


myrtle & eunice goodies

myrtle & eunice goodies

I'd say worth the wait for that gorgeous pile of "just-because-make-my-day-ness" right? Right!

* And now for the reason I loathe the postal service: the package was completely correctly addressed! Arrgh! It's the same suburb dudes. Figure it out!


  1. I feel like we need to sign up for some group therapy! x

  2. What a gorgeous package too! We're always getting people go the the same number house in the next street down, GOD it's frustating!! A nd most of the time the letters are addressed correctly! Hope you've been well & looking forward to a very happy christmas time x

  3. She is one clever and generous cookie that Tan.


  4. Glad you got the package in the end - would not have liked to miss out on that one - beautiful!

  5. Oooh I feel your pain - we live in a Lane that has a matching Street (hardly a novelty in this part of Sydney, right?) and the post is always getting sent to the wrong one... I am now mates with the lady who lives in the equivalent house on the other street, and we swap post at Playgroup. It's pretty rubbish though, it's not like the Street/Lane thing is a recent development.

    Lovely package, though!

  6. That is so awfully annoying!
    ... good thing you got that awesome parcel in the end.


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