Sunday, March 28, 2010

the "f" word

No not that one! The other one.



A while ago I admitted to the stealth knitter herself that I had started a scarf well before the birth of my first child, but had yet to complete it due to ... well, ok I don't know how to cast off alright?! That first child was born almost five years ago and every now and then over the years I have found said scarf bundled up here and there.

And every now and then a row or two would be added.

And then in another of my massive - if not sporadic - clean up's the never-ending scarf would again be squirreled away somewhere.

After the latest find (around about this time I assume), I decided it looked quite decorative sitting in a nice basket. And that's where it has now sat waiting ever so patiently, collecting dust, to be completed and just worn already!

So back to the casting off. Tania then kindly (well, actually she SHOUTED it at me), offered to show me how to cast-off the never-ending scarf should I manage to get down to the Melbourne version of Stitches and Craft. Very tempting. But then I appraised the scarf again and wondered at how much better it might look if I went a bit crazy and added a bit of pearl stitching into the mix ...

And so in a rush of blood I f----ed it up


And guess what friends?


Last night I watched about three you tube videos trying to remember how to cast on.

Watch this space for scarf progress! Actually probably best you don't. It could take five years off your life.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

my creative space :: Oliver's Quilt

My nephew was christened on the weekend and by some miracle (pardon the pun), the quilt I had started for him actually got finished in time.

Oliver's Quilt

It was a stacked coin affair (the quilt, not the christening), and guess what? ALL the fabrics were found in my stash! This is a fact that the Mr does not find so startling. I guess he was thinking of the overflowing shelves of fabric as he stared at me with that stunned, "what-the-hell-are-you-talking-about-I-thought-that-was-the-whole-point" face.

Anyway the quilt ...

Oliver's Quilt

And the back

Oliver's Quilt

Now if there's one thing I've learned from making this quilt it's that stacked "coins" (still don't get why they're called that), and a bit of white sashing make for a very satisfying and quite speedy quilt. Oh and one more thing I've learned is that I need to do a machine quilting class, STAT!

For more creative spaces head on over to Kirsty's place.

p.s. I seem to have missed out on my first Bloggy Birthday! It was back at the end of February but I guess I was so busy packing that I completely forgot about it. Anyway watch this space because I'm amassing a few bits and pieces to do a "better-late-than-never" first birthday giveaway!

Monday, March 22, 2010


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