Thursday, August 26, 2010

my creative space ... overload

I am painfully aware that the only time I have blogged in the past THREE weeks was when there was a Creative Space to turn up for. And why is that? Well because I have been too busy making stuff to blog about anything else!


In fact I've been so busy making stuff I haven't even had time to look up and really notice anything that is going on in my house or with my family either that I could potentially blog about. Or just be involved in.

coffee sack bucket

And now that I find myself at the finish line of all this making it suddenly hit me: did I enjoy any of that or did I power through it like a woman possessed? It's also hard to admit that upon reflection there have definitely been times over the past few weeks where I have chosen to sit myself at the machine rather than being available to help build train tracks or play hide and seek.

monogramed linen napkins

Yeah sure the sewing machine is set up in the middle of our tiny living room where all the action is and I do believe it's good for the kids to see me doing something that I like to do, but still, I'm acutely aware that the balance has been off.


So I will take the next two weeks to ponder that balance, return to the meditative click clack of the sticks, write some lists, peruse some patterns, follow some links, see some friends get married, and perhaps remind myself what it was about all this making that I liked in the first place.

I shall return refreshed and recharged!


That's if I can get the cat off the quilt and get myself on a plane.

In the meantime you know where to go to get your own creative juices flowing.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

my creative space

This week I give you quilts three ways:

Firstly a doll quilt for The Down Under Doll Quilt swap organised by the lovely (and currently injured) Kate.

Doll quilt

This linen and Liberty combo was hand quilted and is currently on it's way to it's new home. If I ever mention my intention to sew gorgeous buttery Liberty together with a lovely open weave linen can someone remind me to screw my head back on? This was bloody hard challenging but completely worth it for the recipient!

Secondly some machine quilted pot holders as part of the loot I'm making for my Urban Home Goods Swap partner.

Pot holders

I like these so much it will be a bit tricky to part with them. But that would mean needing to make another item (along with all the others I have planned), and that may very well push me over the crafty edge. More than sewing Liberty and linen together.

And last but not least a close up of the wedding quilt after it's lightening fast (read: "overnight"), trip to Suzanne for some long-arm quilting.

Wedding quilt - bound!

This was Suzanne's first long-arm quilt and I am just bowled over by how well it has turned out. Next step; hand sewing on the binding and packing this baby in my suitcase next Saturday.

Max quilt appreciation

That's if I can get a very appreciative cat off it first.

For more creative spaces head on over to Kirsty's place ...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

my creative space :: a wedding quilt ... or two

Many many many months ago we were invited to an old high school friend's wedding in his adopted home town of New York and in a weird case of denial, probably brought on by the recent intense "don't leave my side-ness" of the youngest child* it only dawned on me three weeks ago that it was all really happening. Soon.

And that's when it also hit me that perhaps I could make a quilt for the happy couple. And then in the next second I realised that would be crazy given the time constraints. I fired off a text to a quilty friend:

"Just realised I should have made J & E a quilt! Too late now?"

To which she, enabler that she is, responded, "Nah not too late. Big squares!"

Fast forward a couple of hours an I had pulled tonnes of fabric off the shelves aiming for a version of the "Avalon" quilt from Material Obsession 1. Fast forward a couple more hours and I had this

version one

Then for some reason a few days later I thought I'd send the bride-to-be an email enquiring about her tastes in homewares, favourite colours and so on. The reply was along the lines of, "J (husband-to-be), would say I have eclectic taste. I love all colours, especially blues and greens. Don't really like reds and oranges."


So it was back to the drawing board and a few weeks later I have this

wedding quilt

A disappearing nine-square patch made entirely from the stash (insert little happy dance), including some  vintage fabric in the form of a pillowcase sent to me awhile ago by Andi. And I know for a fact that the bride loves op-shopping ... or the American equivalent.

And because it was a windy day and because, well, I do actually really love this quilt I thought we'd just snap a few more shots together ...

wedding quilt

wedding quilt

wedding quilt

wedding quilt

wedding quilt

Sigh. Yes it will be hard to let this one go. But I am quite chuffed to think of it sitting elegantly flung onto a sofa somewhere in NYC. Did I mention the bride also works for Martha Stewart? No pressure or anything.

But first for some quilting and binding. This baby needs to be on a plane in two weeks time.

For more creative spaces, hop on over to Kirsty's digs.

* the eldest on the other hand couldn't care less so long as she's having the holiday of a lifetime at the grandparents place who have recently installed a "Secret Garden". She is in Mary Lennox heaven at the thought.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

birthday boy

It was Jamie's birthday last week and as usual, I had absolutely no idea what to get for him.

And as usual he was ever helpful with, "um .... I don't know" being his answer to my frequent pleas for guidance.

So what do you get or make for the bloke who wants nothing* and isn't exactly the type to don a lovingly made beanie or scarf (he's never got over the childhood "it's itchy!" factor)?

At the eleventh hour, with a little help from my friends ...

book mark in progress

... and a little covert stitchery right under the birthday boy's nose complete with strict instructions on colour selections ...

birthday book mark

... we had ourselves a nice little book mark. Notice he is wearing, "heart socks with his clip clop work shoes". As you do.


And then we had cupcakes.

* on an outing with the kids he did just happen to buy "the family" a present ;)


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