Monday, January 3, 2011

the 2010 wrap up

Last year I felt so left out when I saw all the amazing mosaics popping up all over the blogosphere showcasing the year that was that I vowed I would do one before 2010 was out ...

Well, I'm slightly late and having seen the amazing mosaic brilliance here and here I almost decided against doing one of my own. Then I got over myself and did one anyway.


But you know what? Because so many other things happened since I last blogged (almost a MONTH ago!), I thought I might make a 2010 Christmas wrap-up mosaic too

Christmas 2010

I do hope this new year finds you happy and healthy and brings with it some awesome adventures, lots of love and tonnes of laughter.

Oh and oodles of time to make some stuff.


  1. Oh I love the kitchen aid box being used as a sled - how exactly like kids!!
    This is such a beautiful blog you have here - looking forward to lots more crafty goodness in 2011 :-)

  2. A beautiful mosaic that I'm sure Tania and Susie would be most impressed by (I know I am).
    Happy new year Mel.
    Andi x

  3. What beautiful photos Mel and wonderful making! From the sounds of it you have another big, exciting year ahead, very momentous xx

  4. mel, thats a pretty fantastic looking year !

  5. Oh I see the white kitchen aid mixer! She is beautiful. Looking forward to seeing what you create (if it's yours!) :)


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