Thursday, January 13, 2011

A little ray of sunshine

It's been a week of extremes of emotion in our house.

I'm a Queenslander (Brisbane to be exact), from way back and so it has been with a great big lump in my throat that I have watched the utter devastation that has taken place in my old home town. Old family friends have had their boat business completely washed away, but our main concern has been for my 85 year-old Nanna who lives alone in one of the suburbs listed as being on high "flood alert". Luckily my uncle, her son, lives close by and has been able to check in on her everyday. Blessedly (though kind of also annoyingly), she has remained convinced that the small hill she lives on will keep her high and dry and spoke to my mum on the phone yesterday while hanging washing on the line declaring the crisis as "clearly over". If only that were true for those families who have lost their homes or worse, loved ones.

I've tried to keep the television off as much as possible but clearly enough was seen for Sienna to declare to me yesterday, "Mummy, I don't think Daddy should go to Brisbane EVER again!" (he travels frequently to Brisbane with work), and for Luca to create this

flood help

In his words it's a, "car boat that can go in the water and fly in the air". Handy really.

On the other end of the emotional rollercoaster today was our 18-20 week scan. Even though I've been enjoying lots of gentle nudges as well as some staggering round-house kicks for the past few weeks, it's always very comforting to see that little bub on the screen and see it's heart beating strongly.

Oh and that it has all it's relevant bits.

bub @ 20 wks

Boy bits as it turns out.*

We really thought long and hard about finding out the sex of this baby. Having not found out with Sienna and Luca it was tempting to me to find out this time around to see if it made any difference to how I felt about the pregnancy. I have sent friends mad over the past twenty weeks surveying them on why they did or did not find out the sex of their babies. Given the miscarriage we experienced in 2009, I have been keen to get a head start on visualising this baby and bonding with it. Strange I know that knowing a gender should potentially influence this. We shall wait and see!

ps. There are so many wonderful ways to donate to the people affected by the Queensland floods popping up all over the crafty community. Most notably here and here but for a more extensive list of what people are offering I believe this is the place to go.

pps. We have no boy name ideas whatsoever. Any suggestions? 

*Oh yes, the title of this post was somewhat misleading from a gender point of view no? ;)


  1. lovely post..glad your grandma is okay & great news about the boy bub..yes it does (potentially) give you twice the time to consider boys names!!

  2. Oooh! A boy!!! How lovely :)
    I'm excited that you found out, and glad the scan went well.
    And I hope your Nanna stays safe and dry.

  3. Oh boy oh boy. A sweet baby boy! I couldn't be any happier for you and your family. Our own Little Ray of Sunshine (which was the song on the car radio the day we brought her home) will be turning 18 this year. Hard to believe!

    Enjoy every moment.


    ps So glad to hear your Nanna's crises is "clearly over" :)

  4. :) Good news from the extremes at least. Can't show C Luca's handiwork- he'd be jealous of the pink lego!
    Re names, we had picked out Liam, but my favorite was Evan.

  5. I had three girls, so I had a couple of boys names picked out that never got used: Alexander James (AJ) or James Kipling (JK) - I liked the idea of initials for a boy :-)

  6. Yay for the gorgeous boy! Names, hmm ... Leo and Louis, but that may be too close to Luca. Manus, Elijah, Max or Ethan. When I was younger I was determined to call my son Lyon (strange yet true).

  7. Boy bits! Yipppeeee!! Very happy for you, Mel (as well as being a teeny bit concerned for your Brissy family. x)

    My fave boys name is my son's name: Massimiliano (my hub is Italian), he is known as Max, of course! I am also partial to Oliver, Finn, Lucas, Sam and Noah. Enjoy this time. x

  8. So glad to hear things have been progressing well in the bump department.

    As my two children's names begin with A and B if there was ever a third and it was a boy child, it would have to begin with C - Cassius or Callum!

    Lot's of positive vibes are being sent northwards, where I too have family.

  9. Hooray for boys!! You've done pretty good with name choices so far so I think you'll be fine!

  10. Hooray for boys!! You've done pretty good with name choices so far so I think you'll be fine!

  11. Congratulations on your baby boy - how so exciting (I found out for all 3, I COULD NOT stand not knowing!!).

    It must be a huge relief to know your family are safe and well.

  12. Wonderful news on all fronts Mel... Feel free to choose from 5 faves: Joshua, Jack, Benjamin, Oliver & Elijah... well loved around my place;) xxt

  13. A boy!?! I knew it!! Congratulations!!! Boys are ace :)

  14. Yay for your Nan being ok and yay for a boy!!!! So glad everything is ok. My sister just had a Leo and a friend an Eli.

  15. Hi, Mel. Congratulations for your pregnancy.
    Since Luca is an Italian name, what about some very old and Tuscan name like Nèri, Vanni or Lapo?
    All the best for the months to come.

  16. I'm still rooting for Guiseppe or Darwin ;)

    Congratulations - on a safe grandmother, and a safe baby, complete with boy bits [the baby, not the grandmother]

  17. I love Tasman (Taz/Tazzie for short) They pop up occassionally in Tasmania and always seem bit of characters, memorable.

  18. Yay for boy bits!
    (Does that sound odd? Didn't mean to)
    Names? We were always stuck on names starting with 'J'.
    Jake, Jonah, Jet (Jethro), etc.
    Andi x

  19. Just look at that gorgeous little fellow...
    I have just finished a softie called Ruben and am obsessed with the name ... Its lucky I wasn't toy making when my kids were born - at least one of them would have been called Pickle!

  20. Congratulations! I love boys!

    And great news about your Nanna. You must have been so worried.


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