Thursday, January 27, 2011

my creative space :: the guilt quilt

So a few weeks ago I popped on to Rita's site and was met with an image of the most gorgeous pram sized quilt in her etsy shop sidebar.

And it was on sale. And I had a friend due for a baby at any moment. And it was a Red Pepper quilt (did I mention that already?).

It took me all of two seconds to press purchase and within two days I had the gorgeousness in my hot little hands.





Gorgeous blues and browns all set off beautifully with some ash and of course, Rita's flawless quilting.

Well in the two days it took to get to me we had found out we were expecting a little fellow (as was the friend expecting the baby any day). And whilst I think this quilt could be used for either gender, once I had it in my hands I couldn't help but picture my own little guy snuggled beneath it. Enter the guilt.

Um. What to do really but keep the Rita quilt and perhaps make a similar one but in colours that were probably going to be more preferred by my friend anyway (well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it).

And so this version was born



In the space of a weekend I had the front and back of the quilt pieced and over a week I slowly inched away at the machine quilting. And then unpicked a whole lot of it and started again. These photos were taken after it had had a wash and then a quick iron.

For the first time I also tried attaching the binding by machine - again thanks to Rita and a very thorough tutorial which can be found here


Just don't think I'm going to show you a close up of the binding on Rita's quilt so close to mine. I'm not that silly!

Oh and the result was that my friend had her baby  (who was born the day before Australia Day. Very thoughtful for friends who want to visit!) and loves the quilt.

Of course she hasn't seen the Red Pepper version ....

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  1. I always think I'd never get to sleep under a Rita quilt - I'd be too busy having my breath taken away with all the flawless, beautiful quiltiness. HOWEVER. I would be chuffed to the back teeth with your artful specimen. I LOVE the colours and the fabric selection and I don’t believe for a nanosecond that you have edited photography to only show the PERFECT bits! So ner. Guilt, begone!

  2. im sure your glorious choice of colours made the importance of a perfect seam insignificant. Congrats on your impending......

  3. You did that in a weekend?! Completely beautiful and your friend must be delighted. Both quilts are equally stunning, feel the pride, no guilt required.

  4. sheesh, that would take me at least a year - I love the colours...

  5. Amazing! Your quilting is just so beautiful, I'm in awe...

  6. Sure cute quilts but Congratulations on your baby news!! Yahoo!! Love Posie

  7. Too funny! both quilts look just lovely - great work.

  8. Congratulations on your pregnancy! I would have done the same thing exactly... it was meant to be! x

  9. You made exactly the right decision.
    Guilt shmuilt!!

  10. Mel, this quilt is adorable ~ love your color and fabric choices ~ and a great gift.

    So glad you kept the rpq quilt for your baby boy ;)


  11. I love your quilt...that owl fabric is sooo beautiful...beautiful work Mel... xxt

  12. Your quilt is gorgeous too. I love the color choices. I long to own a rpq myself. *sigh*

  13. Two beautiful quilts, just love them both.
    And I agree on the great fabric choices ;-)
    How exciting that you are having a little boy, and what better way to snuggle him up than in one of Rita's quilts!

  14. Gorgeous and ingenious, Mel! I might well have done the very same thing. :)

  15. Your red pepper for your own guy & the red pepper inspired for your mate are both absolutely wonderful.

  16. Oh...a BOY!!!! I am just catching up on some missed holiday reading!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! what fantastic news...oh...and the quilt......LOVE IT!!! Both of them. xxxxxx


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