Tuesday, January 18, 2011

sewing in Japanese

Almost every time I embark on clothes sewing I am immediately longing for the simple straight lines of piecing a quilt.

BUT having had this book

for over a year and being stuck for an idea for a Christmas present for my sister I confidently told her to "pick a pattern", and I would make it for her.


Luckily (?) she picked the pattern on the front cover (View E) and for over two weeks I would open to the pattern instructions page almost willing it to have morphed into English since the last time I looked.

Surprise surprise it never did.

So armed with some gorgeous floaty, sheer hail spot cotton from Tessuti I took my first few hesitant steps at my first Japanese pattern.

Actually though those first few steps involved a whole sewing session dedicated to figuring out how to draft the pattern pieces

Um yeah. That was a fun few hours. However once I realised that the seam allowance was NOT included in the pattern pieces (lucky I realised BEFORE I started to cut), it was all smooth sailing from there. I found once I was actually sitting at the machine and sewing rather than just sitting on the couch trying to decipher the pattern it all started to become very clear and quite straight forward.

So straight forward that it was done over two relatively short weekend sewing sessions.

And the result was that the sister was very chuffed* but I was probably more chuffed that I had finally lost my Japanese pattern book sewing virginity.

Now to make one for myself.

(Another photo showing the reversed box pleats can be seen here. My door kinda blocked those out in this photo!).

* Especially once I'd made a few adjustments to the sleeves so they fit properly ;)


  1. The cherry has been popped..

    Love the finished product, beautiful!

  2. This is gorgeous, wow! Pattern books scare the life out of me. I keep dreaming of a basic little summer dress, I don't have a pattern it's just in my head, but you've inspired me to do it! That book looks quite amazing, I do love the cover, I can't help but judge a book by it's cover..

  3. Beautiful! Impressive sewing ~ love it.

  4. It looks wonderful! Good on you for giving it a go. It does look imposing!


  5. Extreme ! Not only garment sewing , but it another language...Extra bonus points for difficulty.

  6. Gorgeous! I love that hail spot, I made a maternity top in it from another Japanese pattern book. Japanese patterns are fantastic for maternity sewing, because so many of them pleat from the neck or under the bust... very bump-accommodating.

  7. Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing what you make next...

  8. Oh it's gorgeous! I have a deep love affair with Japanese sewing books but they are rather daunting. I've stuck to kiddies clothes so far but like you have an adult book waiting to be used. Ah....no seam allowance...explains a lot. Now I'll make clothes that actually fit my child !! :) x

  9. Ooooo, I love it! I too lost my virginity with this very pattern. And now I'm just a tragic addict with too many books, not enough time....


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