Thursday, February 17, 2011

big love

So this is one of those posts where I play catch up and try to combine the three posts I've been writing in my head over the past week into one post. Ok then? Here we go ...

Firstly a little Valentine's Day gift to Sienna's new favourite person

Valentine's Day


Inspired by her own heart which has been (surprisingly), still carted off to school every day and occasionally loaned to sad friends who, "don't have a heart".

Secondly my first and certainly not last Milo has been cast off and sent off to the bestie and her new babe.

butter Milo

Knitted up in gorgeous Spud and Chloe Sweater Wool bought on my travels to Purl Soho last year, this one was a collaboration from the explanation of "Kfab" at craft camp (thanks Kirsten), my first cabling (thanks Alison) and the final rows at craft night last week (thanks again Alison and Suzy). Due to some technical difficulties (?) this was meant to be the six month size but will probably eventually fit the little dude when he's two. More Milo details here.

Also off the sticks (to make way for Milo mark #2), is my second version of this little number cast on when Ms Pink decided her new favourite colour was purple (details on Ravelry)


Again due to technical difficulties (?) I somehow went from stocking stitch to garter after the sleeve making. By the time I realised what was happening it was too late to turn back so I decided to embrace the wonk and push on.

And finally (still there?) I am doing something so far out of the ordinary for me ...

swatching ...

... checking my gauge. Again and again this gorgeous yarn has been cast on, knit up, measured, only to be frogged and begun again. But I'm determined to get this one right for the little fellow I'm cooking up.

Phew! All done.

For more, probably far less long winded creative spaces hop on over to Kirsty's new digs.


  1. The buttery yellow is sublime. Love it.

    I have the milo pattern, you may have given me the push I need to get started x

  2. and here's me thinking milo was just a chocolate beverage!
    hearts, hearts everywhere, absoloutely lovely!
    Amelie still carries it around in her uniform pocket but doesn't show anyone. last week she told me a secret, she showed her big kid buddy the heart.
    thanks again gorgeous Mel ♥

  3. I just love your Milo vest and the colour is superb, and so is that blue

  4. they've all turned out so beautifully!! You must feel very proud - particularly with the heart which gets loaned out :)

  5. Oh my, such productiveness! I am in awe.

  6. Nup. I reckon I win long-windedness for the day. And your post is filled with such SUCCESS! Look on the bright-side. That Milo will keep on keeping on...

  7. Beautiful heart... when I see things like that I can understand why people are teachers. Best job in the world, really!! x

  8. yum - love that milo - would you recommend it to a non-cabler?

    Gorgeous heart too - very sweet. Am going to checkout more of your action now!

  9. cute hearts - And I adore the yellow sweater! Great great work. You make it look easy.

  10. I love the real heart of your daughter being a kind and compassionate human being with her classmates.

  11. all good news - keep thinking of - any pics of you??? So love that your daughter loans her heart to friends who don't have one - don't you hope she still has that trait is 15 years!


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