Monday, February 28, 2011

the day after the day before

It was a whirlwind of flowers, silk, little shoes and frilly socks, hairspray and non-spilly snacks

But we finally made it to the long awaited "flower girl day"

Oh and handsome brother-of-flower-girl day. Such a late night was had (there was a LOT of tables to hide under with equally excited cousins, not to mention an inviting shiny, slid-y dance floor), that today was all about skipping school and recovering.

For moi

and for them

Here's hoping your Monday was just as s-l-o-w!

p.s I've been asked for a progress shot of the bump and seen as how I'm not often scrubbed up I've put one here


  1. aw Mel, I tried to comment on your other photo but it ate my comment up and then burped. So here I say it loud for all to read - you look fabulous - glowing is just not the word! thanks so much for pandering to my bumplove. looks and sounds like a good time was had. wish i still fitted under wedding tables without the inevitable neck head kink thing going on.

  2. If it's any consolation, I'm in full-on craft camp recovery mode, so we're going through the same thing without going through the same thing if you get what I mean?

    You do 'bump' BEAUTIFULLY. Which, no doubt, is why your other two kidlets are also obvious angels.

  3. Your kids really do look like angels.
    Do they love up to the image?
    Nice baby bump!!
    Andi x

  4. Too cute! I remember being a flower girl at around this age and having a ball of a time. It was the 80's though, so I did not look half as cute at this! :)

  5. So so beautiful. Love these photos of your smalls, they are so full of joy.

    LOVING the pic of you and your bump (and your handsome fella!). Blossoming!

  6. The perfect little flower girl. She is the picture of innocence and beauty.

    Go the bump!! x

  7. What great memories! Looking good Mel

  8. look GORGEOUS!!!! You scrub up might fine!!! xx

    Love the bump...bump is looking GOOD!!! x

  9. Gorgeous pictures, it looks like a lovely wedding. The pic of you and your husband is just lovely as well.


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