Thursday, February 24, 2011

my creative space :: deadlines

I've been feeling the pressure to get a few crafty bits and pieces done and dusted. Could it be early nesting has begun to snuck in? Or perhaps it's just that I'm itching to get started on a new project ... or two.

First of all on today's agenda was fiddling around getting some packaging ready


to send off a parcel of goodies I made as part of the Spicing Up the Kitchen flickr swap. My offering consists of a full length apron, some pot holders and a couple of extra goodies to sweeten the deal.


Then it was on to finishing off a quilt for Luca that has been in the pipeline for MONTHS

shirt quilt progress

only to realise upon laying it on his bed that it really could do with another row. I hate those moments when you realise something isn't quite done and the little fight between good crafter and, "that'll do" crafter begins.

Think I'll sleep on it!

Or I might head on over to Kirsty's and be inspired by some very good crafters.


  1. I always fall into the "that'll do" category and every time I think it I hear Shrek saying it to donkey.

    "that'll do, donkeeey. that'll do".

  2. You know, I am quite the fan of the 'That'll Do' crafting. Especially when one thinks one has finished. Especially when one is multi-tasking, what with all that growing eyebrows and fingernails malarkey. DONE!

    PS. Is Luca short in stature by any chance?

  3. that'll do it totally me. I resisted learning to sew from my mum as she is totally NOT like that!

  4. That'll do - does tend to become a mantra - good for you for going beyond.

  5. What a busy creative space! Love it ;o)

  6. LOL, the fight between the good crafter and the that'll do crafter. I know it well. I added borders to the most recent quilt that I made and then ended up changing the border fabric for something less fussy. I had to sit on that decision for a couple of nights because I just didn't know if I could bring myself to unpick something that was already done. I am pleased that I did it though. Luca will love it when it's done and it won't drive you mad every time you see it!!

  7. Your swap package was so excellent. My friend in Switzerland is obsessed with those Donna Hay magazines ... she orders them off Australian ebay??? I apparently need to figure out how to see what all the fuss is about!! :]


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