Thursday, February 3, 2011

my creative space :: whole Lotta love

Finally, finally having ordered this book in early December I arrived home yesterday afternoon to find it wedged between by front and screen doors

Lotta Jansdotter's Handmade Living


If I could suddenly become someone else overnight I would want to be Lotta Jansdotter. She ticks all my boxes:
  • lives in New York - check
  • is Scandinavian - check
  • has a cool haircut - check
  • is talented beyond belief - check check
For now I shall have to console myself with soaking up her life through the gorgeous images in this book, inspiring me to re-look at my fridge door

Lotta Jansdotter's Handmade Living

my bedroom (featuring my latest colour obsession: yellow and grey)

Lotta Jansdotter's Handmade Living

and suddenly making me completely re-think all the knick knacks in my kitchen drawers

Lotta Jansdotter's Handmade Living

Egg slicer anyone?

And then I might just do some more drooling over the images of Lotta's enviable work space

Lotta Jansdotter's Handmade Living

double *sigh*.

For an extensive list of people who are probably actually making stuff in their creative spaces instead of drooling head on over to Kirsty's place.


  1. what a gorgeous book, no wonder you're stuck drooling!

  2. oooh, looks lovely (drool, drool)

  3. ....and she has the coolest name, Lotta Jansdotter. It sounds like a character out of a Charlie and Lola book!

  4. This book has been on my wishlist for a little while - I think you've convinced me I need it :) Where did you order yours from?

  5. nice book - just discovered this afternoon how woeful the craft section at our local library is...might have to do some internet shopping this evening...thanks for the sneak peak!!

  6. great stuff - that book looks amazing - thank you for sharing - and stop by any time


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