Sunday, February 6, 2011

pimping the plain white T

On Friday I yet again found myself with a looming (read: 24 hours), two-year old's birthday.

Little Banjo was on the receiving end of one of my favourite softies ever this time last year, and seen as how he has one crafty mumma I figured I had better come up with something good ... but fast.

Enter the humble plain white t-shirt and some scraps


a bit of shadow tracing before school pick-up

t-shirt prep

a bit of ironing and cutting post afternoon tea

t-shirt prep

a bit of stitching in between various parts of Friday night's dinner making


and finally a bit of zig zagging around the edges while the kids were in the bath and voila, a personalised t-shirt!

Banjo t-shirt

I think it helps the overall effect if you have a name with street cred like 'Banjo' don't you?

Oh and with the few extra scraps and a little help from the aerodynamic tongue we had ourselves a birthday card for the little dude too.


Happy Birthday Banjo!


  1. Banjo is one seriously cool name, as is his new shirt!

  2. Love the shirt and yes, the name helps!

  3. Pimp-mistress!!!!
    Great gift!!

  4. Love it!!!!!!
    Such a super cool birthday prezzy.
    Banjo is on the top of my baby name list.
    You been working on yours??

  5. Lovin the tshirt Mel. Almost put it on him today, but I knew it was going to get too dirty, so I've saved it for another day....

  6. Tres snazzy, I say. I swear an aerodynamic tongue makes me craft faster.

  7. Love the decorated white t! We have a few as well :) Lovely to 'meet' you, I saw your heart idea over at m.e. and had to pop over and say hi :)


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