Thursday, March 10, 2011

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I was going to tell you a tale of knitting woe* for today's creative space but then I went to my craft room meet up last night and was caught completely unawares by some surprise, handmade and of course gob-smackingly stunning baby gifts. And so of course I have to do a little show and tell.

First we have a so-cute-I-can-barely-stand-it little elf hat from Jen

elf hat

I wish I could describe the silky softness of this hat. The only thing I can think of that's softer is an actual baby's head!

Next there was this awesome pillow from my long-time friend and all round crafty genius Sally


It'll be interesting to see if the new bub even gets to clap eyes on this considering Luca has taken quite a shine to it. And who could blame him?!

Next there was this gorgeous, gorgeous kimono style top from Suzy

kimino top

Basically I can't stop looking at this. The colours are right up my alley and the softness of the Liberty fabric is so perfect for a item of baby clothing. I was instantly able to visualise my new little dude in this very cool shirt!

And then there was this from Alison

no. 3

Yep that there is a quilt folks. She made me (well, the baby I guess), a quilt. And in my newest favourite colour combinations too - a bit of yellow and lots of grey. I was speechless.**

But wait did you see this bit

no. 3

Good lord. Is there anything this talented lady cannot do? I think not! My only hope is that this baby is not a vomiter. Because if he is there is no way in hell he is going anywhere near this quilt! For a much better photo and more details take a look here.

Pretty good huh? It's great to have crafty mates that's all I can say!

Oh and by the way you may be wondering why so early on these offerings? Well it seems there was some mix up about my due date with the general consensus being I was due next month. An easy mistake to make considering how H-U-G-E I am!!

For more inspiring crafty folk pop on over to Kirsty's.

* I am on my THIRD and FINAL attempt at the BSJ. Stay tuned.
** Actually that's not true. I'm pretty much never rendered speechless though I was very overwhelmed with joy. Which probably actually made me chattier.


  1. So spoilt and thoroughly deserved x

    PS: Wait till you see the buttons I have earmarked for your cardi ;)

  2. Oh everything is just SO beautiful. Lucky you & lucky baby of course! What wonderfully talented ladies. Gorgeous, gorgeous colour choices..x

  3. Lovely presents. Good luck with the third attempt - I discovered my notes the otherday - I found somewhere on the net notes showing increases etc row by row.

  4. Gorgeous gorgeous things! But you deserve them Mel, I'm sure! Enjoy. x

  5. What stunningly beautiful gifts. The quilt is an absolute to die for! Enjoy them with your new baby.

  6. Grin from ear to ear, I do. Only because I saw that quilt-in-process and it is the Bees-iest knees. Crossing fingers for non-spewyness...

  7. aw - good friends are so amazing. hope you feel totally honoured.

  8. wonderful creativity & lots of happy smiley gifts!
    how amazing is that cushion..LOVE ♥

    enjoy the love Mel ♥

  9. ohhh...looove the pillow and the kimono! Thanks for sharing!

  10. How wonderful is it to have creative friends:) Love all of your gifts from them to you (and your new little man)

  11. That is just the most gorgeous baby quilt! I waaaant one for baby number two, but I somehow doubt I'm going to manage to produce anything like that gorgeous in the 3 weeks before it arrives...

  12. Very lovely Mel..lucky babe. They all look perfect together too. Such perfect coordination! Whats a BSJ BTW?

  13. I'm so glad you like it all! It's a pleasure to make things for other crafty people because you know they'll get it :)
    I can't wait to see a photo of your little one on that quilt.

  14. very well coordinated gifts - you'd think it was planned, but it really wasn't....


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