Thursday, April 14, 2011

32+ weeks

Oh the poor 'ol blog has been sadly neglected of late. Instead of blogging I've been choosing to put my feet up and out and catch a few zzzz's.

And here's why ...

32+ weeks

Those of you who follow my nattering away on Twitter would be well versed in what this little fellow has been up to lately. Namely, laying sideways and totally freaking me out that he is not going to move. Thanks to google I've been trying all sorts of kooky things to get him to turn around, most notably laying semi upside down on an ironing board that was propped up against the couch.

Anyhow according to my Dr he appears to have his head down south today so here's hoping he likes the view and stays that way.

And speaking of my little creation look what arrived for him in my letterbox last week

Kate's cardi

One of Kate's famous crochet cardi's this one featuring super squidgy delicious charcoal yarn and gorgeous orange Liberty covered buttons. You can see a better, less rushed photo on Kate's site. I'm completely blown away that someone I've met only a handful of times in the flesh would go to so much effort to make something so gobsmackingly beautiful for this little person of ours and I'm grateful beyond belief.

Thank you Kate!


  1. I was wondering what sort of magic she'd come up with for the buttons. GORGEOUS. So's the bump.

  2. I would be putting my feet up while you can because god knows you will be busy when the little guy arrives x

  3. Hope the bub stays head down for you. Mine kept going posterior and I spent the last few weeks going to the chiropractor and acupuncturist. It seemed to help as it was a good, easy birth.
    That little cardi is adorable.

  4. Beautiful cardi!
    Beautiful bump!!

  5. Delightful!
    Another exciting time in your life...
    and what an beautiful cardi x

  6. gorgeous bump and cardie! you probably already know being on your hands and knees is a great way to encourage babies to get in to the head down, spine to the front position. Also a great way to get your floors really clean (probably for the last time for the next 6 months!). It worked for me :)

  7. What a sweet big tummy! I hope it is not too heavy to carry around. All the best for the next weeks.

  8. Beautiful BUMP, Beautiful handmade knitted cardi!

    Awwwwww <3 <3 <3

  9. Such a stylish little cardi for your little fellow to be! Great colours and unique touch with those georgeous buttons. All the best with your bump!

  10. That little cardi is just gorgeous!
    And I love the tummy shot! Enjoy your last few weeks.

  11. What a delighfully adorable little the buttons!
    Enjoy your last few baby growing weeks :)

  12. oh I am so glad to see belly shot! love it. ah - sounds like a wee one with a mind of its own. hope you are resting up and have a load of friends cooking dinner for you after it all begins. The cardi is so amazing - what a sweet thing to do. cant wait to see it filled!


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