Tuesday, April 5, 2011

hanger challenge

What better way to while away the seemingly endless H-O-U-R-S associated with a move back (or forward?), from daylight savings time, combined with a sick child home from school AND a rainy day to boot, than to put on a pot of chicken soup, sit on the couch and pimp a wire coat hanger.

Hanger challenge

Yep the challenge set down by Kirsty this morning could not have come on a better day. And seen as how these wire monstrosities appear to breed in my cupboard (in much the same way as green bags do in the boot of my car), I may just need to make a few more. This one was just some scraps of a seasonal print of Liberty I had leftover from a pair of pj pants I attempted to make yesterday. The pants are unfortunately a little on the snug side but hey, at least they produced some nice scraps for my hanger.

Thanks for the welcome distraction from my to-do list today Kirsty!


  1. Home also with a sick child. No fun at all!

    Lovely hanger x

  2. Yay for couch craft distraction. It has me wondering about ways to craft up my hangers too. Hope tomorrow is a better day wellness and weather wise.

    PS. You might like the title of my newest ring set. Seemed appropriate. :)

  3. Interesting! I love doing random projects when i have some spare time..(at the weekend). Gotta do more of them.


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