Thursday, April 28, 2011

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Hi! How are you? I hope you had a great Easter break however you spent and celebrated it. Since my last post I've had a birthday and we've all been on a little trip north to catch one last "family of four" holiday before the newest little bloke arrives.

Also during this time a quilt was finished

Luca's shirt quilt

with a special little dedication added for one of my little fellow's

Luca's shirt quilt - embroidery

And whilst a bit of this was going on


and I had view like this


I finally FINALLY finished the all-consuming BSJ (Baby Surprise Jacket) first cast on way back here and twice frogged.


This teeny tiny little number gives no hint of it's trickiness. I'm not sure if it works for you or against you being a beginner knitter attempting this jacket. On the one hand it's great not having any pre-conceived "rules" for how something like this should be knit up because it literally looks like something someone ran over until it's off the sticks. On the other hand there were so many knitting conventions and terms which it seemed were assumed knowledge that I found myself quite lost on many occasions.


Enter the lovely Suzy and her VERY patient advice in person, via text, email AND twitter and in the end I muddled my way through. So many versions of this jacket have been Raved (mine here) but the one that first got my attention was Suzy's version for her then new baby girl. I'm certainly hoping my new little fellow can wear this on his way home from hospital in the same way.

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  1. Gorgeous quilt and your bsj looks perfect!

  2. Who says there's no good stuff to make for boys? The quilt is gorgeous, and I love love love the BSJ. It turned out beautifully :)

  3. The BSJ has finally won me over to this pattern - I've seen lots of version that are cackworthy or just meh, but yours is supremely good! What size did it come out? I'm wondering whether I should knit it in 4 or 8 ply...and did you make any modifications? Your sleeves don't seem to come in at the cuffs like some others I have seen.

  4. lots of gorgeousness- but how wonderful is that pool photo!

  5. Oh boy that jacket has taken my breath away!! Gorgeous pictures of your little ones, and wow, what a view! So pleased to hear you've had such a lovely break..x

  6. Oh my, how I adore that little's adorable!!

    The quilt is also gorgeous :)

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE that quilt!!!
    Andi xx

  8. Gorgeous quilt Mel, I love the quilting!

  9. That quilt is super, and the stitched dedication, very nice indeed!

  10. Gorgeous quilt and stitching, Mel. ps. I can't see your last few pics - is that because you've marked them private on flickr?

  11. Great quilt! I love that you put an inscription on it for your son :)
    Looks like you had a lovely time away. Love the pic of the two in the pool :)

  12. Oh boy Mel. I feel so annoyed for not jumping back on your blog earlier and realising you were UP Zee DUFF!!! This is wonderful, you look gorgeous, I'm so excited for you! Hope the countdown doesn't do your head in too much... But I know how much you'll be wanting to meet your little guy. Much love to you and sending all my good, timely labour vibes your way... x Gina


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