Thursday, May 26, 2011

my creative space : another week, another quilt

With each passing week towards the birth of this baby another "must have that done" gets checked off the mental "to do" list (mental, because I never actually write these lists and mental because there is no way in the world all of this stuff swirling around in my brain will ever actually get done).

Last night it was the final stitches on the binding for the Grellow Baby Quilt (top shown here).

Grellow Quilt

This one has been waiting for the quilting bit for some time. I always figured I'd manage to do it on my machine but two lines in it was quite clear that no amount of careful basting was going to stop the puckering, perhaps due to the choice of a quite lofty wool batting left over from another quilt. So I cut my losses and sent off a late night text to my sanity saver, Suzanne who, in her usual style had it done and dusted in a few days.


So glad I did.

The quilt features many an Aussie designer, most notably the awesome grey and white linens from Aunty Cookie as well as some of her "Paper Cuts" I bought as remnants a few years ago (which, I think is in fact my favourite fabric in the whole quilt), as well as some Pippijoe and some yellow dots from Sarah Fielke's "From Little Things" range (how cool is that fabric label name?! Only fitting some should find it's way into this quilt).


So then, on to the next thing on my list ...

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p.s A small quilt I made for the one and only Nova as part of the Down Under Doll Quilt Swap found it's way to her this week. In true, "I-don't-keep-a-list" style I forgot to take photos of it. Luckily she did and you can see it here. I followed the excellent "Non-pattern Pattern" tutorial detailed by The Silly Boodilly and had a ball doing it.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

my creative space :: a long awaited birthday quilt

A long long time ago a pink quilt was begun for a then just five-year old, pink-obsessed girl.

For some reason that seemed to make perfect sense to the mother of said pink-obsessed five-year old girl at the time, the decision was made to hand quilt this KING single sized quilt.


And so almost a year later the quilt was finally finished just hours before the pink-bordering-on-purple-obsessed five-year old girl turned six, and was placed on her sleeping self to find in the

Sienna's quilt

And then it was forgotten when the  pink (and purple) cupcakes appeared.

birthday girl

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

the countdown begins and other excellent stuff

So here we are, my little traveller and I with five weeks to go

35 weeks

Except that I'm pretending it's seven weeks so as not to be too stressed out when I inevitably wind up being overdue.

This past week has seen us with an urgent need to move large pieces of furniture (with assistance I promise), looking for paint colours to paint something bright yellow, planning a very excited soon-to-be-six year old's party, figuring out how to fit three car seats into the car AND the arrival of two amazing handmade gifts.


Firstly a pair of the comfiest pj pants (but I prefer to call them lounge pants. That way I reckon I get away with wearing them at any hour of the day), from my old high school friend Mel. Considering I failed to make myself a pair that fit and I have my body close at hand for measurements and such, I am astounded that Mel was able to make these having only my expanding waist measurement and that they fit sooo well! Sure to be sported a LOT during the coming months. In fact, it's amazing I was able to photograph them off quite frankly. Mel, you are a godsend!

And secondly this gorgeous little parcel arrived


This is apparently "hastily wrapped". Um, way better than the plastic bag I probably would have flung it in to at a moments notice. Inside the gorgeous Pebble Vest from that most awesome of crafty ladies, Tania.


I have to admit the sheer tiny-ness of this held in my hands had me welling up a bit imagining the little person that will soon fill it out. Tania, you are amazing. But we all know that right? Right.


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