Wednesday, May 4, 2011

the countdown begins and other excellent stuff

So here we are, my little traveller and I with five weeks to go

35 weeks

Except that I'm pretending it's seven weeks so as not to be too stressed out when I inevitably wind up being overdue.

This past week has seen us with an urgent need to move large pieces of furniture (with assistance I promise), looking for paint colours to paint something bright yellow, planning a very excited soon-to-be-six year old's party, figuring out how to fit three car seats into the car AND the arrival of two amazing handmade gifts.


Firstly a pair of the comfiest pj pants (but I prefer to call them lounge pants. That way I reckon I get away with wearing them at any hour of the day), from my old high school friend Mel. Considering I failed to make myself a pair that fit and I have my body close at hand for measurements and such, I am astounded that Mel was able to make these having only my expanding waist measurement and that they fit sooo well! Sure to be sported a LOT during the coming months. In fact, it's amazing I was able to photograph them off quite frankly. Mel, you are a godsend!

And secondly this gorgeous little parcel arrived


This is apparently "hastily wrapped". Um, way better than the plastic bag I probably would have flung it in to at a moments notice. Inside the gorgeous Pebble Vest from that most awesome of crafty ladies, Tania.


I have to admit the sheer tiny-ness of this held in my hands had me welling up a bit imagining the little person that will soon fill it out. Tania, you are amazing. But we all know that right? Right.


  1. OK. Now you have me connipting that it is TOO small. Send it back and I'll block it into a size 1! Glad you like it sweetpea. And if I were you I wouldn't be getting out of those, er, LOUNGE pants for days on end...

  2. What amazing packages - lovely bump and enjoy the last frenzy! Make sure you do all those things that become impossible in these weeks - self indulge be your watch word!

  3. Ohhhh I'm so glad they fit! Would you like me to knock up another pair for you so the Mr doesn't think you've been lounging in the same ones all day? Lol!

  4. Love your belly.
    And love those gorgeous gifts!!!
    (Must get me some of those 'lounge pants')
    Andi xx

  5. What lovely gifts! Not many of my friends are into the whole handmade thing, so anything like that I want I have to make myself :)

    Hope you're enjoying the last stages of your pregnancy, and I'm in awe at the prospect of achieving anything (including getting dressed) with three kids - two is challenging enough, and one of them can't run away yet!

  6. Loving the belly shot - so sweet!

    You'll be the most stylish new mum for sure, those pants are beautiful!!

  7. Everything in your post looks included! Good luck for the countdown. Hope you get to do plenty of lounging!


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