Sunday, November 6, 2011

a fête accompli

Picture this: you're in the midst of the busiest time of the day (school pick up), at the busiest time of your life (baby number three only a few months old), when you get a note home from school about the annual school fete.

On that note is a list of all the usual stalls and the people who have volunteered to co ordinate that stall. You scan down the list and see the following;

"CRAFT - ????"

Hmmm. Your mind starts to wonder, "I could do that couldn't I?"

STOP RIGHT THERE. Can I suggest that if you ever do find yourself in that situation that the answer to this question should be a very loud, very definite "NO!". In fact, why the hell would you even ask yourself that question?!

Unless of course you're me. Which means you're notorious for thinking, "How hard could it be?", committing yourself and then a few weeks down the track having that sickening realisation (usually in the middle of the night), of what this really will involve.

I'll spare you the details of the emails, tweets, phone calls, and meetings I made/had where I begged for and borrowed supplies and helpers, and just show you a few of the bits and pieces that were made and finally sold at the school fete yesterday. This being a relatively crafty orientated blog and all.




In all we ended up with 631 items to sell (not including a vast number of things that were thrust upon our tiny stall yesterday just as the fete started up) and raised over $3000 for our small school.

Not bad.

Oh and that baby I had?

biggest & smallest

Is now FIVE months old. I'd ask where that time went but I'm pretty sure I already know!


  1. Oh my, delighful kidlet photo! He's beautiful Mel! And I am chuckling, because I felt like you were reading my mind. Totally something I would do...every time I get caught out I promise myself never again but that promise always seems to be conveniently forgotten. Congrats on 5 months milestone :)

  2. i was starting to think that we lost you with that a line skirt you attempted in the new borne days!

  3. Wowsers! $3000 from one stall? That's fantastic! Our entire little school fete last week raised $12k and we were over the moon! Well done!

    Also, how cute are your guys?? :)

  4. Good to see you back, Mel.

    I really do not know how you did it...i would have bolted for the hills anf would not have surfaced until the fete was over.

    The two smalls look gorg x

  5. WOW! ... Amazing and yes... a tad insane. Good on you for getting through it alive. That is very impressive, and to have made so much dosh for your school. Better still. Bravo.

  6. What a great photo! school fete - you must be mad !!!

  7. Geez. Perfectly timed, love. Tuesday night is the Kinder AGM. Usually there's a lock down until every voluntary post is filled. And I'm bad with that kind of pressure. And attendance is compulsory (or else they expel your kid or something). So, yes. I shall keep my head down and focus on KNITTING.


  8. WelcomE back - I've missed reading about SOME of what is happening for you (not that I even know you in person...) but so lovely to be able to read about how your brood is growing... and the fair... what an achievement! Well done you!

  9. What an achievement Mel (you glutton for punishment)! Wish I had've been at that fete to get some of that handmade goodness.

    Your littlies are too cute :)

  10. Wow! Amazing effort - wishing you all the best for the next 10+ years of primary school fetes ;)


  11. Good to see you back in the saddle mel..x

  12. I am in awe Mel, you are truly a one woman powerhouse! Bet the school loves you to bits. Thanks for the fete heads up - the face painting stall is looking more and more perfect. : )

  13. You're insane. But you did it!! And your little mister is a stunner. Better keep him away from my Susannah for at least, oh, 20 years :)

  14. Oh,'s so nice to see you back again. And your children are sweet, sweet, sweet.

  15. That last photo is ridiculously cute. And I am so impressed with your craft stall organising, especially with a wee one to wrangle.

  16. Gorgeous photo of that little man - how time flies.

    We are in the beginnings of craftiness for Easter fair 2012 - love the look of your bunting - did you make it?

    Christine xo


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