Thursday, November 10, 2011



... I have a date with the quick unpick and the couch in an attempt to salvage my first attempt at the Yard Sale skirt from Weekend Sewing*. If the weather continues on the way it's been in Sydney for the last few days (read: HOT), then I'm going to need lots of loose, floaty clothes STAT!

What are you up to?

*To save you from the same tears and tantrums that I've been having should you attempt this skirt, can I suggest you click over to the errata


  1. Ugh. But wow - what great fabric!

    Good luck with your unpicking.

  2. Thank you for the errata tip! Unpicking is painful but always worth the effort. Your fabric looks lovely.

  3. my sewing teacher assures me that even she has to unpick something on each garment - lovely fabric

  4. What a great photo, love those colours.
    Lovely to be back here visiting!
    And thank you for adding your pictures to the group Mel :-)

  5. Hi Mel, I finally looked at my blog a couple of nights ago and found a comment you left... that you were pregnant! And of course now had a baby!! A very belated congratulations, Leo is gorgeous. I'm guessing my baby is a similar age, Harry is 6 months. I'm also amazed and inspired by your crafting with such a little one in the house- I'll have to get back on the sewing machine. Bec x

  6. I love the print of this fabric. This fabric deserves to become I beautiful skirt so make sure you complete this project.

  7. Hope everything is going well with the bubba, Mel. x


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