Thursday, February 9, 2012

fabric printing

Hey look! I said I'd be back and I am! Wow to be honest I've surprised even myself. I was sure I'd find something to drag be away from blogging yet again but it's proving surprisingly easy to sit here and type with a cup of tea despite baskets of dirty and clean washing overflowing within easy reach. Funny that.

So just another quick instalment of what I've been up to during my bloggy absence: today, a spot of fabric printing

fabric printing

First there was this leafy offering. Printed using a stamp I bought in Germany and a fabric ink stamp pad on a dark charcoal grey cotton. These were then shipped off to a few crafty buddies who, like me, snoozed and missed out on Leslie's fabric printing swap.

Another mini swap was organised soon after, this time with a theme: greyness. However, two of the participants were chosen at random to print in a colour (chosen by another participant), and guess what? I was one of those people.

My "blood blisters" fabric for the greyness swap

This time I used a stencil method (using contact paper as the stencil), and fabric paint sponged on to my favourite Kona Ash. The name "blood blisters" popped into my head as I was photographing these hanging on the line and try as I might to think of something slightly more, um, nice sounding alas, the name had stuck.

"blood blisters" all folded and ready to go

So there you have it. My first dabble into the world of fabric printing. I believe I may have caught the bug and have a sudden desire to kit myself out with screen printing supplies sometime soon.

p.s In my absence I forgot all about Our Creative Spaces. Pop on over there for some crafty goodness.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Ugh. Writer's block. Blogger's block. Whatever it's called I've had and I need to un-have it. So I have finally downloaded (uploaded?) the TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTY photos off the camera and on to the computer and endevour to spend a teensy bit of my day over the next few days updating this long forgotten space of mine with a few bits and pieces of life since last I blogged.

And since I was busy unpicking this when last I wrote I figured it's a good place to start: the yard sale skirt or as it is affectionately known to me, "the skirt of the thousand errata"


Finished some months ago and the go to item of clothing on the few hot days we have experienced this summer. There are plans to make another ... once I'm fully recovered from the stress of making this one!

I'll be back tomorrow (no really, I will) with some more!


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