Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Ugh. Writer's block. Blogger's block. Whatever it's called I've had and I need to un-have it. So I have finally downloaded (uploaded?) the TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTY photos off the camera and on to the computer and endevour to spend a teensy bit of my day over the next few days updating this long forgotten space of mine with a few bits and pieces of life since last I blogged.

And since I was busy unpicking this when last I wrote I figured it's a good place to start: the yard sale skirt or as it is affectionately known to me, "the skirt of the thousand errata"


Finished some months ago and the go to item of clothing on the few hot days we have experienced this summer. There are plans to make another ... once I'm fully recovered from the stress of making this one!

I'll be back tomorrow (no really, I will) with some more!


  1. So glad to see you back here.

    Love the skirt xx

  2. Love the skirt; garments are still a little too daunting for me!

    Looking forward to seeing the remaining 269 photos :)

  3. Looks great! How do you like the skirt to wear? I have the book but havent yet made this. I'm such a big fan of the barcelona skirt that I'm not sure about making anything else but I'd love a crack at this one. Nice to see you back too :)

  4. lovely fabric Mel. I love this skirt - might get around to making one oneday.................

    Nice to see you back here :)


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